Paperwork that gives me a headache

So today I need to officially declare how much time I want to take time "off" for my baby. It is called parental time. That means I can reduce my working time to anything from working not at all to 30 hours per week (from 40 + overtime in my usual job). Max is 3 years. But that means that I basically have to start from scratch after that. Or take less time off but not spend it with my daughter but at work. My current thought is that I will work from home as of January, for 20 hours per week. Sounds nice. Will still generate enough income. But means also that there will be 20 hours in each week that I won't spend with my little Meli-girl. Horrible! I even can't give her away for 10 minutes right now, how should that work with 20 hours..... she is an angel. Well, we'll see what I will do - the deadline is today.....

I won !!!

YEAH. I won the giveaway from Lori Eurto's blog. I never won anything so far. And this is the most beautiful prize I can imagine. A ceramic pendant and bead set donated by Tracee Dock of The Classic Bead. Thank you so much ladies - you both really made my day.

Do you know Kelley?

I just received this little package from Kelly Wenzel, a really talented glass artist. I have often been disappointed when I ordered something on the internet - the beads are sometimes just not as pretty as the pictures. Kelley's are even better than her pictures. Mine over here does not really do her beads justice. I can't tell which one is my favorite - they are all gorgeous. Plus I got some extras ;-). Check out her Etsy shop and her blog.... you'll love every single bead. Thanks Kelley.


Some days are rainier than others. Today is one of those. The sky is grey, the sun is not coming out, and there is no way we will leave the house today. It is quiet and calm inside. Baby's sleeping. The new issue of step by step wire came in (it is a bit delayed since I am living in Germany, the shipping takes longer) and I think I will take a tea and read through it. Or do things I should do. Like work on my tax declaration. Organize my craft supplies upstairs. Fold laundry. But... I think I might just take the day "off" instead.

Rain, feel it on my finger tips
hear it on my window pane
your love's coming down like rain
wash away my sorrow
take away my pain
your love's coming down like rain... (Madonna - Rain)

Necklace for a mummy-friend

Oh boy, it has been so long since I made some jewelry. With the baby and all that home improvement, the fun part of making pretty things got a bit neglected. And it was a bit difficult to start again after such a long time - the inspiration block. Plus I made this necklace not for me, but for a mummy-friend, who I didn't know for very long. The given was the color (green is her favorite) and the fact that it should be solid - with my baby I havw hardly worn any jewelry yet. So I picked some resin beads in green and used 20g sterling wire. And even though it is quite simple, I really like it - so I might make it again for me. ;-)

The harvest and how we used it

I think in spring I wrote about the little garden area that Nick made for me in the backyard. Well, I probably did not take as much care as I could have, however, something grew. We got those chilis, a zucchini and a number of mini-carots. Even though they were really small, they were very tasty.

Here is what we did with them. Our two friends were more than happy.....

Our first halloween

Look at this picture from our cutie's first halloween. I haven't been doing much since she came to us, at least not in terms of jewelry or other crafts. But we are signed up to a gym class and a baby massage class, so two appointments per week are ok, right?