A contest like no other by Barbara Lewis

You like beads? You like enameled beads? You like the ones of the very talented Barbara Lewis? Well then better hurry up and go over to her blog. She has one of the funniest giveaways ever. Guess how much time she needs to clean up the studio and win some of her beads in the color of your choice (I have some already and I tell you, you really need some!).


She won! With 246 points - with Turkey being second (170 points) and Romania third (162 points). Germany won the first time since 1982 - and the song was way better than Nicole with "Ein bisschen Frieden" (click to view the video).
This is incredible!

Countdown for Oslo

Do you know the Eurovision Song Contest? What an event. 125 Million people watching it on TV. 25 countries from Europe (or somewhere close- I mean Israel and Azerbaidjan are not really in Europe) are in the FINALS that are shown live from Oslo tonight. This year, we have a real cool participant from Germany, the 18 year old Lena. Go look at her official website here and listen to her song SATELLITE. As of about 10:30 pm, we will hear "Hello Oslo, this is Europe calling: Germany 12 points!" (and no less please). Go Lena!

Rebecca got my soup

... and she liked it. I am so glad, since I was really not sure what to send to her. She uses mainly small beads (at least it looks like that when you look at her blog). I am not using very big beads either, but for sure bigger ones than what I have seen in her designs. I found those orange glass tubes and I thought she might be able to incorporate it into one of her seed bead designs, if she did not want to use the other beads. I also put a couple of different elements for her to use as the focal, in case she did not like my choice.
I was laughing when I received her soup, since that ring I sent her (see in the middle) was also in the package that I got from her. We must have something in common.
I could not find a nice sterling clasp, so I tool that heart component you see on the left, and made a wire woven hook to add it, so she can use it as a clasp. I think it turned out nice.
I can't wait to she what she will make with this. The soup is simmering.

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Necklace for mom's birthday

My mom's birthday was Tuesday. I made this necklace for her a while ago, but was hesitating if I should give it to her on Mother's day or on her birthday. I waited until this week and she was really happy about it. She likes longer pieces (she always tells me if they are short, she can't see them when she's wearing them ;-). I used amethyst beads from Michaels, silver plated wire and some chain (don't remember where I got that one). I made the clasp myself, and I like actually how it turned out. The middle U shape wire pieces is coiled with a very fine gauge wire, so it's hard to see in the photo. My mom loves all kinds of "angel"-things, so I thought this little angel-coin would fit perfect in her necklace. What do you think? I know it is simple and monochrome, but in person it is really cute.
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Join the ArtBliss Event

The wonderfull ladies Cindy Wimmer and Jeanette Ryan have decided to bring some ArtBLISS to the DC Metro area. Join those ladies in the wonderful mixed media workshops they will be hosting in September. I won't be able to go myself, but you might enjoy this truely inspiring event. Go over to the ArtBliss website here.

Gazpacho for dinner

I received my bead soup yesterday. My wonderful partner Rebecca has sent me not one, but two soups.

I will work with the blue one first - if I have the time, I might try to finish two pieces. I also want to go a bit more out of my comfort zone and try to make it bigger than what I usually make.

I have spent hours in looking at all those beads, and I made a ton of sketches about what this might become one day. I have a lot of ideas, but I need some more time until I decide for one design. Any suggestions from your side?

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Et voilĂ : the bead soup teaser

My package for the bead soup party was finally shipped out today. My partner is the talented Rebecca Anderson (visit her blog at songbeads.blogspot.com). She is mainly working with seed beads, and wire. I unfortunately had to skip the seed bead part in the package. I have piles of seed beads at home, but don't really use them, and I am sure I do not have the real good stuff. Rebecca could for sure tell the difference, so I decided to go with something that would suit her outside of the seed bead world. I hope she will enjoy it.
Here is a teaser for you Rebecca, and I hope there will be some stuff in there that you will like. Please excuse the dark colors, that is due to my poor photo skills. I am exicted - and will post a full picture once Rebecca has received the package.

I won a giveaway again!

I am a lucky girl. I won this book that Lorelei was giving away since her birthday is this week. Thank you Lori, a million times. She is giving away another book tomorrow, so hurry and leave a comment on her blog.
This fits perfectly since I will meet with Stefanie of Stefanie's Sammelsurium next Monday. She found my blog after the first bead soup party and she lives right around the corner in Cologne as well. This is so cool since there are really only very few beader around over here that take beading serious (do I sound like a teacher?). Stefanie is doing really cool stuff with metal (besides all the other stuff she works with), and I am sure this book will just be perfect to help inspire us a bit more. Go check out Stefanie's blog - she is playing along in Lori Anderson's bead soup party as well, so come back and stay tuned for our new creations......

The secret project

You might know that I am part of the ABS carnival bloggers, a group who is writing a post each month about a secret topic. As we are a larger number of bloggers, we were split up in two alternating groups. I am part of the group that posted in April about "Anticipation", the May post about "Growth" was just published (see here), and we will skip June due to Bead and Button Show (everybody will be busy). However, for all of those who will not go, Cindy has a fantastic idea for us to prepare for a special post with a secret project. We will publish it on June 3rd, so stay tuned for that. Sorry that I can't give you more hints, but I just finished my secret project, and I can tell you guys, it is something.... well, be prepared for something big (at least in my terms of big).


It almost feels like Easter again! All these pretties are coming my way. Kelley of Kelleybeads sent me different shots of the eggs she just finished for me. To pick some. Look at those pictures and tell me which ones would you have refused..... All the possibilities. Is there something like a yearly "egg-subscription", Kelley? I would definetely be your customer. Thanks for the pleasure.
If you want eggs too, contact Kelley. She is currently only taking custom orders, but you can get in line (you would be right behind me for the next order).

Beading and reading - no good

I have an eye infection. So I am at home sick. Since Tuesday. At first I thought - great - this could give me some time to work on all those bead ideas that I have in my head. Then I realized - actually this is not so cool because it really hurts. I have three different eye medications that I need to drop in permanently. And on top I got a migraine yesterday. I need to get over this today because I really really want to make some components for my bead swap partner Rebecca of Songbeads. She makes this really delicate and wonderful seed bead jewelry, so go over to her Etsy shop Copperway Crafts here and treat yourself (spend your money on "Bright Young Thing" - I think it is well worth the money...)

Happy Mother's Day!

Dear Mommy friends out there. I wish you all a wonderful day. You deserve it. May the sun shine bright in your corner of the world, may your flower gifts be rich, and may your family and babies be nice to you.

Dear Babies, no matter if you are 8 month, 8 years or 18... we love you!

PS: And no, I am not feeding her mud!

I think I'm freaky

One of the local toy stores has gone out of business and is having a total sale. I went to grab some cheap toys for upcoming birthdays and found this set to create a farm of salt water brine shrimp. When I was about 10 years old there was a magazine called YPS (you german readers might know it well). I got the issue that had prehistoric brine shrimp eggs inside. So I grew them. The largest one was called "Darling" (I told you I am freaky). When I saw this, I needed to get it. Let's see if I can grow "Darling 2".

How I feel

Have worked too much this past week. Need to work today and tomorrow. Revise the written abstract for the strategic plan version 278. Get no time to bead. Feel... tired.
(picture of baby fallen asleep in the high chair while playing)