Bead Soup - continued

So not only did I receive a package from Janna, I also sent her one. And I need to say, with this one I had the most fun of all three bead soups. You might remember one of my previous posts where I explained about the metal-smithing class I took at the end of last year.

So I decided that I will not only challenge Janna in terms of my beady components, but also myself in getting her something handmade. You know Janna is talented, she makes really nice enameled beads and resin pendants, so I thought I should make something just for her. She told me she liked brass, so off I went to buy some and sawed, filed, sanded and polished a little flower pendant for her. The same process led to a tiny copper heart, which I attached in the end to the flower pendant.What you see in this picture is the pendant in an unfinished state, since the drilling of two holes became a major event (i.e. my dremel multi-tool came without drills, and when I finally got the ones I ordered, the fixture of the tool was too large for the tiny drills, so we had to buy a new fixture, plus obviously that I was not very skilled in drilling...) The whole time while I was making this, I was thinking of the words "un coeur pour une fleur" (a heart for a flower - with Janna obviously being the wonderful flower :) - yes, I know this is kitsch....)....

But for sure the bead soup wasn't complete with that. I showed the pendant to Stefanie of Stefanie's Sammelsurium, and she had the perfect matching clasp - thanks again !

I need to say that I head a hard time finding matching beads for the brass pendant. I have not been working with brass very often (= never), and that yellowish color is not something I use in general. So I went with greens and browns, hoping that one of them would suit Janna's color scheme. I got her a variety of gemstones, ceramic beads and a pendant from Indian Creek studio, lampwork beads from Kelley Wenzel and an unknown lampwork artist based in Plymouth, MI, some industrial chic components from Michaels (which you can't get in Germany, so my dear US friends, if you ever want to make a German girl happy, you know what you have to do, right, Janna and Stefanie?). 

There is also sari silk, rubber tube, and a alcantara ribbon, nut beads, wood beads, a nut charm and a bronze bead and some glass beads from France, chinese lacquered paper beads and a copper dragonfly charm from Summersstudio.
So Janna - ready steady GO!
Let's see what we can come up with. I am so ready for beads again - work has been keeping me away. Worked the entire weekend last week, this past weekend was purely dedicated to taxes, but now I am having a break before I need to go to Valencia, Spain (hello sunshine!) for work next Monday and Tuesday... so this weekend will be very beady.......

21 Response to "Bead Soup - continued"

  1. TesoriTrovati Says:

    Loved that little flower with the heart when I saw it! So clever and cute! Enjoy the day.

  2. rosebud101 Says:

    Wow! Nicki! Beautiful!

  3. Palimpa Lim Says:

    Liebe Nicki, letzte Nacht habe ich schon von Deiner Bead Soup geträumt! Und am Ende hat mir Patrick Nuo dabei geholfen, eine traumhafte Kette daraus zu zaubern. Also, im Traum, natürlich. Leider habe ich vergessen, wie er das gemacht hat. Außerdem sehe ich definitiv zu viel DSDS ;)
    Da Yola am Sonntag Geburtstag hat und ich vorher ziemlich beschäftigt bin mit mehreren Arztterminen, Verabredungen, diversen anderen Terminen der Kinder und natürlich Arbeit, wird's bei mir nun doch erst nächste Woche etwas mit dem Perlen - und ich bin schon etwas panisch. Aber ich freu mich natürlich auch!
    Vor allem kann ich es kaum erwarten zu sehen, was Du zauberst!!!
    Hoffe, Du hast Deine Steuererklärung jetzt hinter Dir und Meli ist ihren Schnupfen wieder los.

    Dear american friends, Nicki is perfectly right! If you want to make us happy, bring us something from Michaels.
    I will gladly send you my snail mail adress ;) Just in case... :D

  4. steufel Says:

    Wunderschöne Suppe - und wie toll ich den Anhänger finde, weißt Du ja!

  5. Pretty Things Says:

    What an AWESOME soup! And the flower is gorgeous! I can't wait to see what you make!

  6. Indian Creek Studios Says:

    you have been chosen to receive the Awesome Blog Award!

  7. Dana Says:

    #209 here...beautiful you did a great job...

  8. Sandi Volpe Says:

    Fantastic love your designs.

  9. Francy Says:

    awesome designs.

  10. Amy Says:

    Oh my gosh! I LOVE these pieces. You did such a beautiful job putting your soup together!

  11. jeanette Says:

    I love the pieces you created with your bead soup. I really like the resin focal and clasp!

  12. diane cook Says:

    Nicki! A sweet German blogger and soup buddie =) I love all of your soup pieces...and those necklaces are scrumptious. I can see why you have enjoyed wearing them.
    I am an asymmetrical type of gal too.
    Luv you nestie on your last necklace. I love them too!
    Take care....

  13. Lori's Glassworks Says:

    Wow! Your design is gorgeous!!! You did a wonderful job with your soup beads. Cheers!

  14. moonlitfantaseas Says:

    love your necklace!

  15. ViviBijoux Says:

    Wow, You've been busy! nice. Can I just say, I love the metal flower+heart as pictured on the precedent post, did you make it? it's absolutely gorgeous. Good job on your pieces ^_^ Virginie

  16. Janet Says:

    Oh now the 2nd necklace is just Splendid! Its just Lovely!! Great great job Nicki!

  17. BluMoon Says:

    Lovely necklace I love the leaves!

  18. Loretta Says:

    Oh, those are are beautiful. Love that pendant.

  19. Shaiha Says:

    I'll say that all three are keepers! I especially love those earrings.

  20. Regina Says:

    They are gorgeous and they are definitely keepers. Love the touch of blue in your designs.

  21. Genea Says:

    Love the birds nest necklace :)