Challenge of Color Blog Hop - The reveal

Erin of Treasures Found had an idea to create this wonderful challenge. I had to pick a primary color (mine was blue) and she selected this wonderful paint chip for me. The colors are called Earthy, Composition, Coconut Milk and Dipped in honey.
I blogged about it HERE.

I signed up really early with the target of having my piece done in mid-November, but here time flew again, and I really just started thinking about it December 1.

I called my piece "Composition d'une romance" which means composition of a romance in english. (can you tell I went to Paris lately and enjoy speaking French again?)

I used this pendant I had forever in my stash made by Artisan Clay. It is clay with crackled glass inside. The blue reminds me of the ocean I have so nice memories of. The raw clay is to me like sand under my feet.
I added some recycled African cast glass beads that I bought recently on a fair in Cologne. They seem like beach glass to me and have almost the same color. At the same fair,  I bought these nut beads and their color represents the cocobut milk from my color palette. I do not really have a a big love for coconuts as the smell provides me with an instant headache. This dates from my childhood where we used to go to Spain for vacation, which was always a 2.5 day car ride, no aircon in the car, and paired with the smell of coconut sun lotion - goodbye Nicki.I love the color though and I think it is perfectly matching the pendant.
To represent the "dipped in honey color, I chose a few different glass beads, and the earth color was added by the wood beads.
Birds are always present on a beach - so I could not leave them out of here. Then finally I added the copper chain, the clasp with those cute metal spacers, and to add a bit of a sound, I also included 3 small bells. The whole piece rings in my ears. I love it. I think it did not only bring all the colors together but also nicely represents all the elements. Everything needed for a lovely romance :).

Ready for the reveal?

So Erin, I think that means that I get 7 entries in your giveaway. I think I managed to do everything you suggested. Thanks for being so wonderful and hosting this fun challenge.

For everyone that is interested in my pieces, please keep checking my etsy page regularly - I add jewelry as well as components on a regular basis:

Please visit the other beady artists and have a look at their wonderful creations. A list with all the links can also be found on Erin's website.

23 Response to "Challenge of Color Blog Hop - The reveal"

  1. Barbara Lewis Says:

    That is quite a tricky composition ... but you got it! Beautiful colors too!

  2. Alice Says:

    Gorgeous! I love all the different components, and how they work together so well!

  3. Elisabeth Says:

    Beautiful - love the pendant you picked!

  4. JeannieK Says:

    You put together a great piece Nicki. Colors are spot on. It works!

  5. Imaginative Jewelry Says:

    Very well coordinated. Nice job!

  6. Rebecca Says:

    Absolutely gorgeous! I love it. I think this might be my very favourite out of all that you have made - it really 'flows'. The African Cast beads are really lovely!

  7. Cindy Says:

    Nicki, your necklace is a beauty! The colors in your palette are so pretty...and the names are great - "dipped in honey", and "coconut milk", gosh they make me hungry (because I love coconut!). And that focal by Artisan Clay is incredible. Your challenge necklace is fanastic - you must be so proud!

  8. Artisan Clay Says:

    What an awesome surprise!
    I love your necklace!
    I think you mastered the mixture of all those different materials. Chain, glass, wood, clay, metal!
    That is something that I find quite tricky myself. Great work!

  9. Courtney Says:

    Really beautiful! You used the colors wonderfully!!!

  10. My Life Under the Bus Says:

    I love the focal it reminds me of a tidepool with the little bird flitting around next to it! Happy Blog Hopping!!!

  11. stregata Says:

    Wonderful necklace, Nicki! That is a wonderful colour palette, but not so easy to work with. You did a great job.

  12. steufel Says:

    Klasse geworden! Und die Farben hast Du perfekt getroffen. Und die Kupferringe sind auch genial. Wo hast Du denn den fetten, breiten her? Haben will:-)

  13. Mary K. McGraw Says:

    Love your focal bead. Great job!

  14. TesoriTrovati Says:

    You earned every single one, Nicki!
    It was such a thrill to know that I would have hoppers from around the world. Your story of the sand and the ocean swept me away. The suspense was killing me to read through it all, each description more intriguing than the last. That Artisan Clay piece is fabulous. I just recently bought a few of those and they are so brilliant. Thanks for sharing your color with the world. I hope you will consider hopping with me again sometime! Enjoy the day. Erin

  15. Kristen Says:

    Oh you nailed this palette but I have to say I love love love that you added sound to it. The story and sounds make that a true statement piece!

  16. Silver Parrot Says:

    Beautiful job - you got some great colors to work with!

  17. Lisa Godfrey Says:

    That's such a beautiful color palette. It's so soothing to the eyes. I love how you worked all the different components into your piece. So pretty!

  18. rosebud101 Says:

    Nicki, I love what you did with the colors in the paint chip. That is a beautiful necklace!

  19. BooBeads Says:

    Beautiful color palette and you used them all so wonderfully!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and your sweet comments!

  20. Pretty Things Says:

    Holy smokes but that's one of my favorites! I love the texture and all the things going on! Great job!

  21. Releases by Rufydoof Says:

    Oh wow I love your piece. I adore the focal and also the brown glass disc! Well done - the colours are perfect!!


  22. lunedreams Says:

    Fascinating piece! I love all the different shapes and textures to the different sections and how you've worked them together so seamlessly. Love the double strand and how you've terminated it at both ends--genius! That inspires me...

  23. Holly Says:

    Goodness, girl, you nailed this one!! That focal is incredible, cracked glass, huh? Very cool. ANd I love how you worked everything together flawlessly - it's such an eye-catching combination of different textures, shapes and sizes.