Bead Soup Party - Vol. 2

I have checked Lori Anderson's blog for days, even weeks, to not miss the announcement of the second bead soup party. I had so much fun, and I met so great people during the first one. And made great friends. I can't wait to meet my new friends. And get my new beads. And put my set together. And make my jewelry.

If you are interested, click here and hop to Lori's blog and sign up. You won't regret it. Or click on the BSP icon on the right side of my blog and you will be directly taken there.

My new forest

I got a forest. I actually don't think you can talk about a plant or a tree, since it is actually a few trees in Bonsai format.I think it looks really cool. It is an Asian Larch tree. Sorry forest. I really like how the greens are soft and light. It makes me happy to look at it. I hope I won't kill it. My thumbs are rather grey than green.
I got it at this cute specialty plants fair that takes place twice a year. This sunday, I will go to a plant swap fair and I am really looking forward to it. It is in my part of the city, so we even don't have to drive, but can walk. At this place, they will also have an open day of the house of bees. I can't tell you what it is because I have never heard about it, but I can tell you what it is this sunday. And that same day, there is even another monthly flower fair.
Spring is coming, can you tell?


Who has seen this bead? It escaped from me - all bead stores in the area have been interrogated. The missing object disappeared a few days ago in the living room and has not been seen since then. A crime can't be excluded.

If you know this been - please contact me. For anyone sending it back to me I am offering a reward of a free pair of earrings. It measures about 1 cm / 0.4 inches in length, has a purple color. It's a glass faceted glass bead drilled top to bottom. And I desperately need it since it is the one bead missing in this very cool bracelet project.

The theory of black holes

Ok. No bracelet to show today. I have worked on this (for me) super-complicated breacelt for two hours, almost broke my fingers of with those wire wrapped loops, trying to make them lay right. And even with seed beads (me + seed beads = incompatible).
And now that I am almost done, I find out I am missing one bead. I swear I counted them at the beginning and there were 12. Now I have 11 in the bracelet. One is missing. I took the entire room apart but I can't find that d... thing. I tried to do something different, but it took me so much time, so I want to do the layout I had in mind. The bad thing is I think I got those in this tiny bead store in the US. I will probably run to a bead store over here tomorrow and check if they have those. Very frustrating. I think I need to make something else to recover....
Do you believe in the theory of black holes? In that case it should appear again soon. Maybe in the fridge. Or on the dining table. Or by the bathtub. I just have no patience to wait for the universe to give me the 12th bead back.

Giveaway alert

Cindy will be posting the April ABS Carnival Bloggers Post tomorrow, so I thought I would host another giveaway to bribe some people to come back to my blog again.

This is my small but cute little giveaway (in fact I find it so cute, I might leave myself a comment on my blog to enter the drawing): The "reef and the sky" necklace. I used a ceramic round, some Toho seed bead drops, a little bit of wire and some Figaro chain.

This little pretty will find a new home with a lucky winner. All you have to do is leave a comment on this post. No tweet. No re-tweet. Just a comment. I will draw a winner on my 100. post (this is number 93), so if I do a good job, you should know in a few days if you won my necklace.

But for sure you are always invited to come back and read a bit more about my reef if you like.

Oh - and stay tuned for the ABS carnival blogs tomorrow. I had the chance to take a sneak peak, and there are some nice post coming up.....

Random things about Saturday and Sunday

I could not come up with a better title since this will be kind of a random post. So here is how my weekend looked like:


  • Waiting for the UPS guy to deliver Nick's Visa for China (scheduled to arrive before 10)
  • Nick checks the mailbox and finds a paper saying he has actually been there and we were not at home ?!?!?!?!?!?
  • After calling UPS, the guy will finally show up at 10:30 again ("he called and knocked on the door and rang the bell, but nobody opened" - keep dreaming UPS guys) - he finally showed up at 11:15
  • Were late for the baby swimming class, but went anyways
  • Went to a Baby Shopping Center and bought a really cool veggie-steamer-blender which will save me a lot of time (plus some bed sheets, pj's, toys, passis and so on)
  • Had an argument whether or not we need a playpen for Meli and gates to prevent her from falling down the stairs
  • Went home and Nick went shopping for food
  • Made a wire ring - needed to make something - I think the idea was nice but my craftsmanship yesterday was just not there - it came out really crumply (please don't look too close at the picture) - the stone is a Chita and I used 18g brown wire from Beadalon
  • Made a turkey roast with peas and dumplings and watched some tv


  • Nick tried to repair the broken fosset in the kitchen
  • After taking everything apart, we realized that we had a connection problem (4 hoses coming from the fosset but only 3 coming out of the wall) = we bought the wrong fosset
  • Nick put the broken fosset back in as nothing is open on sundays in Germany (it is kind of wiggly, so I hope it will last for a few weeks til he is back from China)
  • Took Nick to the train station - he flying to Shanghai today, and will be back in a few weeks only - so me and baby will have a lot of time alone
  • Came home, cleaned the house, and folded laundry (the laundry alone took about 1.5 hours - baby clothes are really small)
  • Went for a walk with my friend - it was really nice and sunny but windy today
  • Now blogging
  • Will make left overs of the roast for dinner tonight after giving a bath to the baby

On April 14, Cindy from ABS will announce the ABS Carnival Blogger Posts - and my first one will be part of it. I am really excited, and I hope it will create a bit more traffic on my blog. That said I have realized I haven't really posted a lot about beads and jewelry. Because I am saving it for magazines that I would like to submit them to and because I have also not got to do a lot of things done - means a lot fo UFO (unfinished objects) sitting on my table. So that means the increase in traffic generated will probably fast be reduced again.

So I thought about having another giveaway right on time for Cindy's ABS post, means on April 13. Now that's in two days. Hum. Not a lot of time left for me to make something. But if I write it down here, it will come true, right? So stay tuned.

JustATish Customer Copper Pendant Giveaway

I found this on Pearl and Pebble's Blog: JustATish is hosting a giveaway. She will make a custom copper pendant for the lucky winner. How cool is that. Something just for you. With the colors you like, the stones you like and your design input. I love wire - and she is really good at it. But hurry up, she will pick the lucky winner today.
Although I have never visited JustATish before (shame on me) I think the idea is great and I really like the design of her blog. Airy and light.

I am not a beadweaver BUT...

... I am absolutely in love with the beaded headband that Marcie of La Bella Joya made for the Esty Beadweavers April challenge. When I voted right now, she ranked number 4 together with another person. If you like her gorgeous headband, go over to the Etsy Beadweavers website HERE and vote for Marcie - Number 23. Go Marcie !


It is important.
We can live without it.
Although when you get it, things are way easier.
Some of us have trouble asking for it.
Some people give it to you without wanting rewards.
The best way can often be to simply listen.
It is not always shown by smart comments.
And then there are people who think they give it to you, yet they make the situation worse.

Mission accomplished

Yeah, it's done. I went to the City today to register for the business that I want to get started, basically selling my jewelry on Etsy and other sites. In Germany you need to register, especially as this is only my second employment, and I needed to notify my full-time employer as well. All done. The only thing left is a form that I need to fill out to give to the tax authorities, but that is a minor thing. So right now I am working on my Etsy page. I will let you know when it is up and running, so you can come to my store and show me some love ;-).

I am an official freelancer as of today. How exciting is this?

Happy Easterbunny!

Our Easter-bunnies were pretty happy this morning. They have been efficient overnight.

We colored eggs - I know kind of late, but better than never. Really messy by the way. I think I did not only color the eggs but also half of my kitchen.

Then we had a nice breakfast. I even brought out the new bunny cups.

After that we played the Greek tradition of breaking the red eggs. Red more about red Easter egg tradition here (Kokkina pasxina avga).

And obviously we could not skip the egg hunt. As our spring season in Germany is cold and grey, I decided to add some color into the picture, so it almost looks sunny outside. (Here is the recipe for the easy-to-install-spring in your garden, in case you don't have a lot of time: Buy a bunch of various colored flowers and set them out in your garden. - Yes I know it sounds lazy, but I will actually plant them later when it is not so cold anymore.) I need to admit, it looks really silly in the picture - but really cool in our garden.

And Meli found quite a few cool things that the Easterbunnies left for her.

So happy Easterbunny to all of you.

They're back

Finally, they're back. This week the new season of Grey's Anatomy started. We are always behind, so this is the beginning of the 6th season. And George died. OMG. The first one was a double-episode. And because I had to be in a very important phone conference with the people from work in the US from 8 pm until midnight, I could not watch it. So I followed the secondary plan: Watch the repeat that was on from 1 am - 2:30 am. So now two days later I am still tired.
They're back. I guess that means that I will be sitting with tissues and redwine in front of the TV every Wednesday night...