Lori Anderson Bead Stamp Giveaway

Lori is not only fabulous because she is hosting another Bead Soup Party, but also because she is giving away a wonderful metal letter stamp set. Check out her blog over here to enter to win, or simply read about the bead soup and Lori's other projects.

Sis-in-law's present

Since I spent two weeks with my sister-in-law (and other family-in-law, obviously too), I thought it was a good idea to thank her for her hospitality and make her a necklace. I bought this focal at a local fair here in Cologne with Stefanie, briefly before Christmas, and thought about Kim right away.

But then again, a lot of sparkle, so what can you add to this? I decided to keep it simple and add more sparkle..... :)

So I added about 20 round crystals to a piece of chain dangling from the focal? And guess what? Love it.
Another one that I need to copy for myself.

In case you forgot.... Life is good

I love the Life is Good shirts. Here is the new addition to my collection. Check out their website. And the company is helping kids with life-threathening conditions.

I know it is not dressy and sparkly, but it is perfect for rainy cold days, where you have a flu and need to sit inside the house - like today. And it reminds me always that in the end, life is good.

Hello sunshine !

Join THE party - BSP 3 sign up still possible until Jan 14

This is a fun event - if you have a doubt about it - hop over to Lori Anderson's blog and check out how much fun it was...

Hello my friends from snowy Detroit

First of all, happy new year to everybody. I know I have been away for some time, since we are on vacation in the wonderful city of Detroit. I have made a necklace, which is very sparkly and very American (sorry ladies), but I actually like it. I made it for my sister in law, but I really think I need to make the same for me - every girl needs a little sparkle, right? no pictures this time, sorry, but I will post them as soon as we are back home on Monday ( I am using my brother in law's computer here - by the way with an American keyboard which is totally different from the German one, so forgive any typos). I had a chance to buy the entire stock of Suzan LK's industrial chic pieces at the local Michaels (at least this is what it feels like, since we are trying to pack luggages today...) and I have got something with me for Stefanie....   :-)
Will be back with you soon, I promise, and I hope you had a great start of the year.
Hugs and kisses,