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Bead Soup Party - Update

Lori Anderson is hosting a bead soup party - and believe it or not, there are more than 80 participants. The big show date is on February 10. We even have a Flickr group where we can upload pictures of the bead packages we sent to each other. I received my package from the talented Mel Poxon from Kookie Designs and I have a feeling that she will transform my elements into something beautiful. The picture above it what I have sent to Mel. Come back on Feb 10 and see what we made.

5 : 14

Ok I always have the impression I am buying beads constantly and that I am never making something. So I counted how often I posted something here. 5 purchases, 14 posts about jewelry made. Not bad. I want to keep the first number lower than the second, so I guess I can keep buying? Or should I say posting about what I bought and not keep them secret anymore (since I am buying beads permanently)?

Pumpkin Risotto and Bead Soup

Yeah, I will join the Bead Soup Party. Have a look at how much fun it will be at Lori Andersons blog. And oh, you wonder what the Pumpkin Risotto is about? I made one yesterday - and it was delicious - have a look at Jamie Oliver's website here. Except that I used hokkaido instead of squash, a different type of bacon, and bought pumpkin seeds instead of the ones from the fresh one. And I served the pumpkin on the side rather than in the risotto. BUt other than that, it was almost the same recipe ;-)

Happy New Year

May we all stay healthy and happy in 2010 and may all our wishes come true.