bye bye running shoes

normally I would show a picture of my dirty running shoes right now, my very new best friends. I used them a lot since I got them and have to put them on the shelf where they won't be touched for some time right now, since my knee cap twisted out of my joint this tuesday. it is a pretty common problem I have with my knees, but it is still shitty. it hasn't happened in almost 20 years right now, and obviously this needs to happen right now where i have been training for a run that I wanted to participate in mid June - well that's not going to happen. But I shouldn't be whiny, it is really not that bad compared to the last times, not too swollen, no cut ligaments etc. Except the running will have to stop, and my weight will go back up :-(

But I will have more time for jewelry and blogging again... once I finally get a camera - well maybe here is an idea for a birthday gift... so I should have it soon :-)

when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.
happy weekend.

Blogging without pictures...

... is absolutely no fun to me. But when I was in Paris last week, my camera died. Which meant that I had to buy a disposable camera to at least be able to take some more Paris pictures, and which means now that I can't show you my latest "la lune" necklace (which I am so in love with). But I will either steal Nick's camera or buy a new one this weekend.
Have a happy Mother's Day on sunday in any case....