Beading and reading - no good

I have an eye infection. So I am at home sick. Since Tuesday. At first I thought - great - this could give me some time to work on all those bead ideas that I have in my head. Then I realized - actually this is not so cool because it really hurts. I have three different eye medications that I need to drop in permanently. And on top I got a migraine yesterday. I need to get over this today because I really really want to make some components for my bead swap partner Rebecca of Songbeads. She makes this really delicate and wonderful seed bead jewelry, so go over to her Etsy shop Copperway Crafts here and treat yourself (spend your money on "Bright Young Thing" - I think it is well worth the money...)

4 Response to "Beading and reading - no good"

  1. Rebecca Says:

    Thanks so much for your lovely comments Nicki! Hope you feel better soon.

  2. Almost Precious Says:

    Sorry to hear you have an eye infection, those can be so uncomfortable. Just remember to put in the eye drops and make sure you rest your eyes long and often. Once the infection is gone then you can bead to your heart's content. :)

  3. Cathryn Says:

    Sorry Nicki that you are feeling so poorly! I hope you get better soon! I'm also in the bead swap and need to get my package out!

  4. EmandaJ Says:

    Hi Nicki,

    Sorry about your eye infection -- ouch! Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting and thanks also for checking out Lisi's beads. You will love her work!

    Artemisia's Studio