My reveal

Ok - drumroll..... here is my finished bead soup result.

My lovely partner Rebecca of Songbeads has sent me a lot of beads (see pictures here). I need to say that I felt challenged, as I usually don't work with small beads. When I first started I sketched down a number of designs, but couldn't decide what I wanted to make. I actually have started a few other pendants that will turn into full projects to be published here at a later date. But then yesterday (I know I waited til the last minute), I finally settled on this one. I need to say I struggled. I wanted to stretch myself and create something that I will absolutely love. I am not sure what you ladies think, but I really like it right now. I must have taken this thing apart about 10 times yesterday, but now I think it was worth it.

So what's new for me:
1) Use of three different metals in one piece (copper, silver and gunmetal wire).
I always thought this does not work - must be wrong. But I wanted to try. What do you think - does it look wrong for you?
2) Using copper sheet metal.
I had this self adhesive copper sheet metal for some time, but didn't use it. I know that the execution part will hopefully improve over time, but I think for a first try it is not so bad (see the copper bar on the necklace and the ring).

3) The dark blue beaded sweetwater pearl flower.
I saw those a few times, but have never tried one. It was actually fairly easy, and I think it looks cute.

4) The BWB.
I invented the beaded wire bead. (Ok, let me dream for one more moment - I know I can't patent it, and people have probably done something like this before). I love the beaded beads that some of my friends are making, but I do not have their small fingers, so I thought it might work with wire as well. Plus it allowed me to use some more of Rebecca's smaller beads.

5) Using sari silk ribbon.
I actually got this from Stefanie at one of our last dates. I have never used it, but right after finishing this post, I will go buy some on Etsy.

6) Trying to make a 3D-pendant.
The wonderful lampwork bead I received from Rebecca is very large, and I wanted to make it the center of the piece. But since the rest was more delicate, it needed a kind of 3D frame. Like it? I know - remember I said "trying"

7) The gunmetal chain.
I wire-wrapped all of those links to create a knotted wire chain, which I think works well with the messy barbed wire look of the pendant.

8) Last but not least: the ring.
With copper wire, sari ribbon, one of Rebecca's glass beads, and some copper foil. Definetely not a ring to carry the baby around (and get stuck with the ring), rather for a elegant dinner in a restaurant (where you do not have to move your hands a lot). I know it is kind of high, but that's the way I wanted it to be.

Am I going the right way ladies, or is this too freaky?
Thanks for your honest feedback - please leave a comment, and then go visit the other wonderful creations of our bead soup party friends. And thanks again to Rebecca for being so generous and to Lori for that wonderful party - when can we do the next one?

48 Response to "My reveal"

  1. Cathryn Says:

    Yay! I'm the first to comment! Woooooohoooooooo! Nicki--I believe you really stretched out of your normal bead self and captured a fun and conversational piece of art to wear!

    I envy those who can sketch out their designs first, before sitting down and creating--I can't seem to get on paper and I'm not much of an paper artist. I like how you combined the silk, the three different metals, and those scrumptious beads into something fun to wear!

  2. Pretty Things Says:

    Stunning! And I think you really did a great job pushing yourself. You did a great job, and very cool ring, too!

    AWESOME job!

  3. Courtney Says:

    I like what you did! The use of so many components, the colors. Beautiful! Love that ring!

  4. Mel P Says:

    I LOVE these, you are so clever Lady xxxx

  5. Barbara Bechtel Says:

    i love your wirewrapping! beautiful!

  6. steufel Says:

    Wow! Und der Ring ist fast noch fetter als meine. Und Du sach noch mal, Du könntest nicht groß und fett:-)!!!

  7. Janet Says:

    This is really an individual pc youve created! I love the ring its like the Queens Bee ring!

  8. moonlitfantaseas Says:

    wow very cool and out there! wild and crazy and fun!

  9. Pearl and Pebble Says:

    Nicki they are fabulous! WOW!!! Good job:)

  10. Elisabeth Says:

    The result is charming and unique!

  11. Cindy Says:

    Wunderbar! Amazing combination of metals, wire and something soft - the pretty ribbon from Stefanie!

  12. Loretta Says:

    The Artist in you really came out in this design. I love the mix of metals, and really want to try that on something I make soon. Your ring is very funky and fun, and quite a conversation piece. I know you will have fun wearing. You did a great job!

  13. Heather Says:

    Love the contrast of the deep red silk with the gunmetal, copper and beautiful glass bead. I think your ring would be perfect at the Mad Hatter;s Tea Party!! I would wear it there!! LOL

  14. Megilon Says:

    Very cool piece! I love all the elements you put together. The different metals and the fabric create a lovely contrast.

    The ring is unique and very eye catching.

  15. ViviBijoux Says:

    WOW! It must have taken ages and ages to make. What patience you've got girl. I tell you what, you are brave to have experimented so much. Maybe I should have done a bit more. But there's always next time right?! In any case, Well done!! smiles, Virginie

  16. TesoriTrovati Says:

    I think that the coolest thing about a swap like this is it stretches you creatively. Absolutely mixed metals! Thanks for this great soup.
    Enjoy the day!

  17. Anna Lear Says:

    Gorgeous! I love the combo of fiber and several different metals; they add a lot of interest yet don't distract the eye at all from the main focal piece. Your creative energies are just awesome.

  18. Rebecca Says:

    I saved you til last Nicki and I'm so glad I did! I really love your necklace, and OF COURSE the ring - its just lovely. You have created something so pretty and I am so glad I was a small part of it! :-) Beaming from ear to ear!

  19. Kella Says:

    Well I'm so glad you pushed and pushed yourself because you have created an awesome piece, so many ideas and techniques but you married them beautifully to create a work of art.

    Well done, you should be proud.

  20. Laurel Says:

    Wonderful soup! I love the deep red against the blue and copper tones 0 yummy!

  21. Jennifer Cameron Says:

    I LOVE that necklace. I think it definitely works and I love that you pushed yourself to try new things. Fabulous! The ring looks really cool too.

  22. Jen V. Says:

    I'm all for the mixed metal on this piece! I don't try that often, either, but it feels good when it works, doesn't it?! haaaaaaaa Love it!!!

  23. Kate Says:

    Love LOVE what you did with all you had to work with! You sure stretched yourself and what wonderful directions! I love all the mixed metals. I have been doing that of late as I love to wear it, that way it can go with anything! Wrote a bit on my blog about it too.

  24. BahamaDawn Says:

    great job!! i love your beaded wire beads!!

  25. EmandaJ Says:

    Hi Nicki,,I love what you have done with your "ingredients" You stretched and flexed and came up with winners.


  26. Denise Yezbak Moore Says:

    Hi Nicki
    Great design! I really like the fibers and the mixed metal colors. Your ring is very cool.

  27. Debbie/ Prairie Emporium Says:

    Nicki, I love what you made and the mixed metals are awesome together. I have a lot of silk but have not used on a necklace yet. Just can't seem to get it right, but you have it all works.

  28. Carol B Says:

    Very nice! I'm relieved to hear that you re-did your piece a few times. I'm having that issue too. It's a good thing we have deadlines!

  29. Michelle Says:

    Love the funky necklace. Good job!
    Bead Happy!

  30. Jo Says:

    What a fantastic mix of materials! It looks as though you had lots of fun with this!

  31. Marie Cramp Says:

    I really like the necklace! I think it totally works :) The ring is a little high for me, but really original and one of a kind :)

  32. diane hawkey Says:

    fabulous organic feel

  33. Nancy Says:

    I love the combination of materials that you used in this necklace. It makes it even more unique and beautiful. I love the ring too. It is nice to have something that is just for special wear not everyday!!

  34. Silver Parrot Says:

    Lots going on in this design - love all the different textures mixed together!

  35. Regina Says:

    I like what you have created, very adventurous with such great results. Lots of details to admire. great job.

  36. Says:

    Oh, this is fantastic! The deep wine ribbon mixed with electric blue is so appealing.

  37. Charlene Says:

    I love what you did - very lyrical in its beauty!

  38. drachenei Says:

    Hm, mein Brwoser scheint irgendein Problem mit einer Anwednung auf deinem Blog zu haben und hängt sich ständig auf...

    ...aber jetzt habe ich ihn endlich ausgetrickst. *g* Schließlich ist dein Set so schön, da muss ich doch einen Kommentar hier lassen. ^^

    Mir gefällt die Kette richtig gut, sehr verspielt und die Farben sind Klasse. Ketten in die Stoff eingearbeitet ist, finde ich ohnehin immer ganz super und selbstgemachte Drahtperlen mag ich auch seeehr. Wirklich schön. Und der Ring ist ein tolles Extra zur Kette. Wie hast du den Stoff bloß so gut darin einfassen können? Sieht schick aus, wie er die Perle so perfekt umschließt.

    Viele Grüße


    Wowsers! You have done such a creative piece! Awesome.

    Thanks too for stopping by my blog. I finally got the red one finished up if you care to take a look at sucha humble piece. LOL

  40. Round Rabbit Says:

    Really great job, Nicki! I love that you used three different metals - I'm a big fan of that! You did a lot of creative things on your pieces! Yay!

  41. wildvanilla Says:

    That is an amazing piece!! I'm so glad you went into all the detail of what you did because at first glance I missed most of it. The work you did on the pendant is fantastic! I love the three-dimensional quality to it.

  42. bellajoya Says:

    Whew...what a week and I'm just now getting around to commenting! I'm so glad you got to try so many new things, that's what a challenge is all about. Your necklace looks lovely and I really like how you used the ribbon. Great job! Oh, and rock the ring girl, no matter what anybody says!

  43. vettedoe Says:

    I'm just now finding all the bead soups and I am just drooling all over my keyboard! I love what you did here. I like the way it looks harsh (sorry, I cannot seem to find a better word, don't take that the wrong way), yet so feminine at the same time. I love the colors and all the wire and the copper bar is really cool. I guess I will be looking for some self-adhesive copper now! The ring is something that I look at and say, "Cool!" I have a lot of respect for someone who can pull that kind of thing off, but don't think I would ever wear something like that.

    On to the next bowl of soup!

  44. Marieke Says:

    it's a very unique and special necklace, very inspirational. And that sure is a special ring as well

  45. Lucid Moon Studio Says:

    Your pieces are so unique! You did a great job combining metals, and there are so many cool components of your necklace! It's all great. You did a spectacular job with your bead soup...seconds please!


  46. Alterity Button Jewelry Says:

    What a funky piece! Love the many techniques you used :)

  47. beadphoria Says:

    Wow! This is going to sound crazy, but it totally reminds me of a bird's nest. If you look at a bird's next closely, there isn't just one material in it. There are pieces of string, grass, hay, and various other things woven together to create beauty. That is what you have done here. Fantastic work!

    In Beads and Happiness,
    Suzann Sladcik Wilson

  48. Patti Says:

    Mixing metals, fibers and beads is always fun!