7000 Bracelets of hope - and bad timing

I am sooo sorry, but I am not sure if I can post my bracelet today. I was on a business trip in France and lost some major data of my most important work file right now. I have a presentation on Tuesday and am trying to reconstruct it. This plus a bad flu has kept me away from my beads.

I know this is a bad excuse. But I will post it later today or latest tomorrow, so please forgive me and come back to see what I made.

5 Response to "7000 Bracelets of hope - and bad timing"

  1. Kate Says:

    Get better soon!! Thankfully I am a follower so no matter when you get it back up I'll be here :)

  2. KJ Says:

    I hope you feel better and get a handle on your work.

    I don't think it is a bad excuse, I think it is entirely reasonable.

  3. Dee Says:

    hope you are better soon and that you find your file. Thanks for the update, I'll check back for your piece tomorrow.

  4. Elisabeth Says:

    I hope the bugs in your computer and the bugs in you go away soon!

  5. Eileen Bergen Says:

    Life does get in the way sometimes. I hope you're feeling better and get some time to rest soon.

    I'm glad I checked back to see what you came up with. Your bracelet is delightful!

    I'm sure it will bring smiles to the recipient.