the next bead soup party - what I sent to Kriszti

I have not been blogging in ages. And I know I have neglected a lot of my virtual friends. But the good news is I have good intentions to be back. The main thing that changed in my jewelry life is that I have completely moved to metalsmithing. Since I am taking my class once a week, I really have a hard time to go back and "just" use my beads. I still love them, I still buy them, but for every piece I want to cut and saw and file something... And the other issue is that it just takes longer to make something - so there is not so much to show. In some of the next posts, I will show you a couple pieces that I made. I made my good resolutions for the remainder of the year. So I hope you adopt me again :-).

Anyways, this post is supposed to be about bead soup. I was so lucky to be picked as one of the 200 participants for the wonderful party that Lori Anderson is hosting now for the 5th time. To check out how it works, click here. My partner is Kriszti, and she has sent me some very lovely beads. She is also a very talented designer making lovely jewelry. And she has also written a post about the beads I sent her. Read it here. I will write another post to show what she sent me, but I just realized that I did not take photos yet, and anyways her beads deserve a post by itself. So in this one, you will only see what I sent her. So drumroll.... here are some pictures:

I made this pendant for Kriszti, sawed from copper sheet, filed, sanded. I was thinking for a long time how to attach a hook without destroying the design, but then I though - Kriszti is a seed beader, she will find a way.

I also sent her a copper ring and made a kook for her to use as a clasp. She got garnet chips, purple seed beads, african recycled glass beads and some really beautiful silk ribbon I bought in my very favorite bead store in Paris.

I also added a few different shell beads and wood beads, crystals, and some more copper beads, lampwork beads, and a copper button.

I am having to much fun with this - so stay tuned for tomorrow's post where I show you the beads that Kriszti sent me.

5 Response to "the next bead soup party - what I sent to Kriszti"

  1. Palimpa Lim Says:

    Hach, da wird sie sich sicher freuen! Das Herz ist der Hammer!
    Ich ├╝brreiche Dir hiermit feierlich den Versatile Blogger Award, liebe Nicki. Auf meinem Blog kannst Du mehr dar├╝ber erfahren.
    Hoffe, es geht Dir gut!

  2. Moobie Grace Says:

    I love your design coming together and your partner's beaded beads are divine!

  3. Jean A. Wells Says:

    Your soup is wonderful and has so many possibilities. I can't wait to see your pieces when you finish.

  4. Cindy Cima Says:

    The bracelet looks great - can't wait to see what the necklace looks like!

  5. Ann Says:

    The bracelet is beautiful, I can't wait to see the rest.