Christmas at our house

In Germany we celebrate on Christmas Eve, Dec 24. It was a busy day, with getting everything ready for dinner, and wrapping presents. We celebrated at our house, with my mum, one of my sisters and her boyfriend. We met at 2 and went to church to see a kids play. When we got home, we opened presents (Meli has enough stuffed animals right now to fill up and entire room). Those are the earrings I made for my sister - she really loved them and so did I. They are simple but nice. I will probably make some for myself as well (I guess I always say that when I made something, right?)
Not to forget the bunnies. They got their own special Christmas tree as well.

And later we had dinner. I spend a lot of time decorating the table, and it turned out really nice. We had a very flavorful Raclette (for those who don't know it: It is like a small stove that you put on the table, everybody gets a mini-pan and you melt cheese in there, with veggies etc).
They all left early, but it turned out to be really nice. On Christmas day, we all met again at my (other) sister's place and had a brunch, followed by.... opening presents (more stuffed animals). I still have some unopened ones sitting under my tree. But I got some really great ones. A metal stamping set, a bead book, the new Jamie Oliver - Jamie's America, a Pandora bracelet, and a Digital picture frame (for my trillions of Meli-pictures). And a special mention goes out to Andrew - Nick bought the little bird necklace for me, since he knew I really liked it. Thank you everybody for making this a special Christmas.

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  1. Andrew Thornton Says:

    Love your necklace! ;-)