Christmas market in Cologne

So I have spent some time those past days collecting topics for my blog, but not posting them. So today you will see a few new ones. This one is about the Christmas market on Roncalli-Place right in front of the Cologne cathedral. It is my favorite one, because the atmosphere is phenomenal. The little booths, all decorated, right in front of the beautiful church - that is just the perfect Christmas feeling. I bought a scarf, some beads, and we had very yummy flammkuchen - a sort of Pizza from Alsace (France, please forgive me). And then we went to my favorite booth, that I get stuck on every year. The Hair-Acrobacy booth. That's how they call it. There are 3 girls making your hair while selling these hair pins. Nick took a photo of me with Meli in the carrier while the lady did my hair.
We also had some Hot Wine (just a little bit for Mummy) - and I couldn't resist to take a picture of those pretty Lebkuchen-hearts (not sure how you call them).

When we were about to leave, we met a group of teenagers carrying signs that said "free hugs". They actually ran into 4 older people, that were totally overwhelmed when the kids started hugging them. You could see the surprise and happiness in their eyes. It's Christmas.

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