Good ideas paired with missing knowledge

We went to 2 art supplies yesterday and I spent a fortune on books, tools and some material. Two of the books are really fantastic, they are full of techniques I have not tried so far, and gave me so many ideas yesterday, that I had a real hard time waiting for today to try something.
Then I started today and nothing, but I tell you nothing worked out the way I want it to look like. I tried something with sari silk - really awkward. Something with textile and copper - not successfull. Then I went to pick up my commitment from the ABS post a few days ago and tried to make something for Kelley's Egg Bead - but again, no good. Then I put together a bracelet for which I had picked the beads a couple of weeks ago - but it turned out too long, so I had to shorten it, and now it is done but I don't like it so I will take it apart again.
Long story short. Not efficient. Not satisfying. So I decided to take a break, and maybe go back to it later if Nick will still have more patience to watch the baby.
This necklace is the only thing I put together. Basically added chain on the pendant that we did with Stefanie the other day. We cut copper rings from copper tube, sanded them and soldered them to copper sheet hearts. I filled my bezel with sari silk pieces, a green glass bead, a little silver star bead and a heart I bent out of 24g copper wire. And then filled the whole thing with resin.
I know it is really messy to you resin-and-solder queens. And I should not show something like this in public. But remember, the title of the post is "good ideas paired with missing knowledge". And I thought it will be a reminder for me that I can actually figure out how to do something new. I also wanted to add some ribbon to the ring, but again that looked really weird, so I decided I am just going to wear it like this today, until my muse is back.
Thanks for sitting through my whining, I promise I will feel better (at least if those copper headpins will work out that I am trying to make in a minute :).

6 Response to "Good ideas paired with missing knowledge"

  1. stregata Says:

    Just keep trying - you will get it in the end! Everybody has days like this.

  2. Cathryn Says:

    We all have our bad days Nicki where the muse just doesn't come through. I try to organize my beads and materials to see if something pokes through. Sometimes, I need that break from beading to do something else. When I come back--it just starts happening for me.

  3. Pretty Things Says:

    you're a step ahead of ME! i have resin just waiting for me and I have yet to pull it out and work with it.

  4. Rebecca Says:

    I think this looks pretty cool! I like the silver around the heart (is that solder? I've never worked with anything like that!), it looks really cool. I'll have to come over to Germany any you can show me how all these scary things work!

  5. Says:

    Again, I like it!
    The thing with blogs is;l you rarely see others "not so hot stuff"! You only see the approved and polished pieces.
    I think it's awesome! You're learning something new! You will look back at this and be relieved you kept going!

  6. Anonymous Says:

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