Sis-in-law's present

Since I spent two weeks with my sister-in-law (and other family-in-law, obviously too), I thought it was a good idea to thank her for her hospitality and make her a necklace. I bought this focal at a local fair here in Cologne with Stefanie, briefly before Christmas, and thought about Kim right away.

But then again, a lot of sparkle, so what can you add to this? I decided to keep it simple and add more sparkle..... :)

So I added about 20 round crystals to a piece of chain dangling from the focal? And guess what? Love it.
Another one that I need to copy for myself.

9 Response to "Sis-in-law's present"

  1. Courtney Says:


  2. steufel Says:

    Klasse Teil! Und Dir auch Gute Besserung!

  3. Rebecca Says:

    Gorgeous! Kim is a lucky girl.

  4. Cathryn Says:

    That's a beautiful way to thank someone! Your SIL is going to love receiving this piece!

  5. rosebud101 Says:

    Oh that is gorgeous!!!!

  6. Copper Diem Says:

    i love bling! so pretty!

  7. Pretty Things Says:


  8. Lori @ Studio Waterstone Says:

    Ooh, pretty AND sparkly! What more can a girl ask for. Lovely.

  9. Knetsli Says:

    Gefällt mir sehr gut!