In case you forgot.... Life is good

I love the Life is Good shirts. Here is the new addition to my collection. Check out their website. And the company is helping kids with life-threathening conditions.

I know it is not dressy and sparkly, but it is perfect for rainy cold days, where you have a flu and need to sit inside the house - like today. And it reminds me always that in the end, life is good.

Hello sunshine !

2 Response to "In case you forgot.... Life is good"

  1. steufel Says:

    Willkommen zuhause! Schön, dass Du wieder da bist. Hänge hier auch mit einem Antibiotikum:-(

  2. Francy Says:

    Very pretty!

    I am a "collector" also. One day this year I will let my artful self out of its box.