a host day

I have been meaning to post this for a long time. For Christmas I had one wish - I wanted this "host necklace" made by The Noisy Plume. So Nick bought it for me and to you, Jill, thank you again from the bottom for making it for me (yes, ok, it was one of her host series, but I strongly believe that this was made just for me).Click here to see what she wrote about it. It is basically about the things we host, wanted to unwanted. And reminding us that we are able to decide what we want to host. Out with the dark, in with the light, Jill said. This little piece of jewelry is a special piece of art for me, as every piece Jillian makes. Go visit her blog by clicking here and read the stories she tells.
Since I have got it, I have worn it quite a lot, especially on days like today when my heart is heavy. It truly reminds me of what I should host, and when I have tough days like today, I wear it to center myself again. The enameled metal focal gets really warm when you wear it, and I love the chain and the dangles. The hollows that are formed between my skin and the metal piece feel like and extension to my body, It feels like something warm builds up in these bubbles, something that is part of me. The things I should host.
Today is a host day, where I need to remind me of what should be there, in my head and heart. I will not go into details, but the thoughts evolve around losing what is dear to you.
here is a song that is close to me today - so i share it with you...
and remember that you, and only you, decide what you host. 

landslide - smashing pumpkins

i took my love, I took it down,
i climbed a mountain and I turned around
and i saw my reflection in the snow covered hills
till the landslide brought it down

oh mirror in the sky what is love
can the child within my heart rise above
can i sail through the changing ocean tides
can i handle the seasons of my life

well i've been afraid of changing cause i've
built my life around you
but times make you bolder
even children get older
and i'm getting older too

well i've been afraid of changing cause i've
built my life around you
but time makes you bolder
even children get older too
i get older too

i took my love and took it down
i climbed a mountain i turned around
and if you see my reflection in the snow covered hills
the landslide brought it down
the landslide brought it down

3 Response to "a host day"

  1. stregata Says:

    Jillian's work is extraordinary - lucky you to have one of her wonderful creations.
    Hoping that you are alright - sending warm thoughts your way...

  2. Palimpa Lim Says:

    Hihi, als ich das Foto sah, dachte ich im ersten Moment, Dir sei Leim auf dem Teppich ausgelaufen, als Du gerade dabei warst, etwas zu basteln :D
    Aber dann hab ich Jillians Kette erkannt - wow! Ich bin grün vor Neid!
    Und ich LIEBE, wie Du darüber geschrieben hast. Natürlich stimmt mich auch etwas nachdenklich und traurig, WAS Du geschrieben hast. Hoffe, es geht Dir gut!! Drück Dich!

  3. Jillie Duncan-Jack Says:

    I love smashing pumpkins, and that song too! I am sure you know that the original was not them, but Fleetwood Mac. I hope things are going well for you, I love reading your blog!