Fun with Baby

So today was a good day. That was good because yesterday was not so nice, so I enjoyed the turnaround. I worked in the morning and in the afternoon we went to our weekly Tuesday - Play - Class. Now don't ask me what it is about. It is about playing with babies. And a bit of chatting with Mommies as well. The babies are naked (that is part of this concept that was invented by this Czech person), it seems like they can move better than with all the clothes on. And it is about 90 degress F in the room - so the babies are not cold - but the Mommies are sweating like crazy. But I need to say that it is fun.

Tomorrow is one of those busy days again. First we have an appointment at the hospital to get her hemangioma checked (every 6 weeks) - we will have to sit an hour in the waiting room for the doctor to tell us that it has not changed and that we need to come back in 6 weeks to get it checked again. In case you don't know what that is - it is the red spot Meli has in her face. It is a type of birthmark (a kind of benign tumor). We were told that a lot of babies have it, that it grows relatively fast for the first 6 months, then it stays for 2 or more years, and then it starts to fade. We could also do something right now and have it lasered, but that would mean she has to go in the hospital up to 6 times (3 days per stay) - without me (which is not going to happen!). And there is a chance that it will scar. Or to give her beta-blockers. We won't do any of that. We decided to wait. And if it is not going away, then we can still do something later. The doctors are fine with that. Her's is not growing anymore, so we can wait - it actually has not changed in a very long time.

Anyways. After the trip to the hospital, we will go to the next class - it's called early music education. I refer to it as the "singing class" or "the early music education class for mommies" - so I am not destroying my kids' understanding for music with my wonderful voice at her young age. We learn songs in the Tuesday play class, and I can repeat them until Tuesday night, and on Wednesdays, they mutate into one of the three standard melodies I know - unfortunately the text does not work with this anymore.

Please don't get me wrong - I am surely not one of those who needs to run from class to class, but I just enjoy dedicating some time to baby girl. Because after that I have to work in the afternoon while she will go for a walk with grandma and have a good sleep from all that entertainment.

See - it will be a busy day.

3 Response to "Fun with Baby"

  1. Lisa Says:

    Hi...I did the laser treatment in the states..a pulse day Laser on my daughters hemangioma. It was a quick (less than five minute) procedure and reduced her redness a great deal. If you email me at I will send you more information and pictures.

    You have a beautiful baby.

  2. Cathryn Says:

    Pretty baby having a great time! I love what you are doing with her! Keep us posted and you all are in my thoughts!

  3. tattytiara Says:

    Oh I'm just imagining a room full of naked babies, free and playing. Whee!