A small world

I made this. I know it looks a bit like a kindergarden project but since I do not have any kids in that age I guess I need to admit it. I made it. And please pay attention more to the thoughts than to the execution side of it - I know I need to get better at that.

So what it is? It is actually a voucher for a friend of mine who will celebrate her 40th birthday - the party will happen tonight. A lot of friends have collected money to give her this spa weekend. It is in a nice hotel, and she will get all kinds of baths and stuff. The good thing is that there are three other ladies that are going with her, so we booked her the "girlfriend package - beautiful sheherazade". In their little group of four, they will get an individual make up training, they will have their private fitness class and enjoy wonderful meals. (I am not going and can you tell I am jealous). And because the girl that was supposed to do the voucher is gone for a work trip until late this afternoon I offered to do the crafting. They thought about a piece of paper with some cut outs of the catalogue explaining the event (which I did of course, see picture below) - but I can do better than that. Nobody has seen it yet, but I love it (even though it is kind of kindergarden-like).

So in this box, you have four "rooms".

The fitness room - with a small copy of the birthday girl. Notice the highlights of her hair and her pretty fitness outfit? I glued the "hardwood" floors in, and the mirror on the wall - when you do fitness, you need to see how your shape improves, right?

The restaurant is simple - it just has a table, plates and silverware - and napkins not to forget.

The make up room has lotion, a mirror again, nail polish, blush, and a shower gel.

And my favorite is the spa room. On the "hardwood" floors I glued a little paper bathtub, that even has "water" in it (made out of plastic wrap), and I made little towels.

The pictures on the walls are actually print outs from the website of the actual hotel where she is going to. So it gives it a more real flair. Isn't this an oasis? I would like to move in!

The only silly part is that I am not sure if I am going to the party. Nick and I said we wanted to bring Meli and the birthday girl asked us to leave her at home, because the music might be loud and she does not want to cut back on her party because of us. While there is a part of it that I can understand, we only come in a package. Plus I feel I can take the decision alone wheather something is too loud for my baby or not. Plus if I go (in that case I would go alone and Nick needs to play the babysitter) I have an hour of commute and can stay about an hour an a half to be safe that I am back in time for nursing..... well - that's life as a mommy.
But don't you like my little spa?

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