The wedding

The wedding was nice (seen from the couple's point of view). Wonderful guests, a nice ceremony, beautiful dresses, and a fun atmosphere. The ceremony was held in a old villa, so it was a bit kitsch but I like kitsch. Unfortunately, when the couple kissed, everybody started clapping. So what is unfortunate about that, you might ask. Well Baby Girl got all upset and started screaming so bad that the ceremony had to be interrupted until I (sweaty mommy) left the place with screamy girl.

We went home after that - most of the guest went for a hiking tour, but we could not join with the stroller, plus is was raining outside. In the evening we went then to the reception, and I found a cool outfit in my wardrobe (well I guess it carries more treasures than I thought). I need to show a picture of it, difficult to describe. The bottom were pants, but they looked like a skirt, since there is another layer of chiffon on top of the pants; with that I wore a black top and a black / sparkly short knit knotted jacket. I think I looked good (oh oh, am I pampering myself again? I think I did though). So that also solved the nursing problem (no dress & getting "un-dressed" involved).
However, people also tend to applaude during wedding receptions unfortunately, so we went through the same story. She really does not mind loud noise, but everything that comes suddenly is a shock. So Nick took her home, only to realize after a half hour drive that he had no housekeys. Meli was sleeping by that time, so Nick spend some time reading on the terrasse and picked me up an hour later.

Besides all of that - they food was excellent. After some starters, they served salmon, asparagus in a vinagrette, lime joghurt dressing and basil mousse. The next course was a sorrel soup with diced tomatoes. Then followed beaf fillet with a herb crust, veggie variation, potatoe gratin in a redwine-shallots reduction. But the best was the desert buffet. I have never seen something like that and I wish I would have taken pictures. There was a whole room filled up with deserts, and I had (all very tiny portions): creme brulee, fruit variation, chocolate cake, inside-soft chocolate muffin, ice cream cake, fruit sherbet, and a cinnamon chocolate mousse. And I did not even tough half of the deserts available (which i deeply regret).

On sunday we went to Dortmund to the Creativa fair and I had a lot of fun. I had Meli in the carrier for about 6 hours (my back is strong like the one of a horse after that exercise), and she had a great time, and was either sleeping or talking. I guess she creied it all out the day before on the wedding. I got some pretty cool stuff at that fair, but I need to take pictures and come back later. But be aware, there are beads involved, textile, enameling and other goodies......

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  1. Pretty Things Says:

    So sorry about screamy girl. :-(

  2. bellajoya Says:

    Hey girlie! You have been so sweet to leave such nice comments that always make my day. I loved Greece and you are so lucky to be able to visit the islands each year. I absolutely LOVED the jewelry shops. I had to hold back on how much money I spent, I was on a tight budget, but I still enjoyed myself nevertheless. Thanks again, have a great one!