Preparing for the wedding reception

So I am invited to a wedding this weekend. The ceremony will take place on saturday morning at the town hall, and the dinner reception starts at 8 pm. So what will I wear. I have no clue. I am out of shape. I have a couple of dresses, but even if one of them would still fit I can't wear it. Since I am still nursing the baby, wearing a dress would mean that I have to get completely undressed every time she needs to eat. And this can't be done in a subtile way. So I need to somehow wear two pieces - skirt or pants and a top. I do not exactly know what in my closet is elegant enough to fit the cocktail dresses the other ladies will wear. So I am kind of putting my hope in this fabulous necklace that I yet have to come up with. So everybody will look at me and say - where did you buy this. I haven't really mentioned this yet, but one of my resolutions for this year is to start my own "business" selling a few of my necklaces on etsy or so. Now a quarter of the year is over and I haven't even contacted the tax authorities (everything works a little different in Germany). But I am determined. I can do it.
So back to the fabulous necklace design. I will wear something dark (most likely). Black. Maybe brown. When I think about weddings I always think about pearls. But since I am not the bride, this might not be necessary :)
Does anybody have a suggestion for something fabulous?

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  1. Cindy Says:

    Nicki, I have been in this situation several times too with a baby. I know it is hard to find something elegant that is a two-piece outfit! But you're right, a stunning necklace will sure draw attention! :-) I hope you find something just right.
    And best of luck getting your Etsy shop going... you can do it!