Metalsmithing class Part 1

I went to a metalsmithing class on the weekend that was a gift from my mom for my birthday back in June.
I had tons of fun and I could do this the entire day all days of a week.

I have a couple of tools already, but now need to get the ones I am missing like a ring mandrel, a plastic mallet etc.

Anyways. I made three pieces. The first one was this sterling silver ring. In the beginning, I wanted to add something to it, but decided against since baby is tearing most of my jewelry apart and a big ring would not be the thing to wear. It wears super nice. The size is just right as I adjusted it for my middle finger.

I will show the pendant maybe tomorrow - still need to do some sanding. And then I started a third ring made out of brass, but this is still in the infantary stage.

Like it?

6 Response to "Metalsmithing class Part 1"

  1. steufel Says:

    Hui - chic, chic. Der ist gehämmert, gell? Und macht das nicht einfach riesig Spaß? Ich könnt mich ärgern, dass ich das Zuhause einfach nicht hinkriege. Bin gespannt auf die anderen Sachen.

  2. stregata Says:

    Das Silber mit dem Hammer zu bearbeiten ist doch einfach toll, oder? Ist aber genauso toll mit Kupfer, jedenfalls für mich. Jetzt bin ich auf den Anhänger gespannt.

  3. Rebecca Says:

    Love it!!

  4. Cristi Baxter Clothier Says:

    Fabulous job! Great palette too!

  5. Brandi Says:

    Wow, that is stunning! I love the mix of everything together - lots of beady goodness to capture my eye!

  6. EB Bead and Metal Works Says:

    Wonderful! I love the mix of all the different elements together!