They're back

Finally, they're back. This week the new season of Grey's Anatomy started. We are always behind, so this is the beginning of the 6th season. And George died. OMG. The first one was a double-episode. And because I had to be in a very important phone conference with the people from work in the US from 8 pm until midnight, I could not watch it. So I followed the secondary plan: Watch the repeat that was on from 1 am - 2:30 am. So now two days later I am still tired.
They're back. I guess that means that I will be sitting with tissues and redwine in front of the TV every Wednesday night...

2 Response to "They're back"

  1. Linda Says:

    Hi Nicki,
    I just love my package of goodies!! I've layed things out on my dining room table and I'm wondering what I will make! They just arrived the other day and I've been going back to them again and again.
    Thanks!! The box is beautiful too :) Hope you enjoy your package too and make something great!
    :) Linda

  2. Says:

    Lustig auf welchen Wegen man auf Kölner trifft. Habe Dich über einen Link der Bead Soup Party gefunden. Und Greys Anatomy und Deine Enamels sind klasse. LG Stefanie auch aus Kölle!