Random things about Saturday and Sunday

I could not come up with a better title since this will be kind of a random post. So here is how my weekend looked like:


  • Waiting for the UPS guy to deliver Nick's Visa for China (scheduled to arrive before 10)
  • Nick checks the mailbox and finds a paper saying he has actually been there and we were not at home ?!?!?!?!?!?
  • After calling UPS, the guy will finally show up at 10:30 again ("he called and knocked on the door and rang the bell, but nobody opened" - keep dreaming UPS guys) - he finally showed up at 11:15
  • Were late for the baby swimming class, but went anyways
  • Went to a Baby Shopping Center and bought a really cool veggie-steamer-blender which will save me a lot of time (plus some bed sheets, pj's, toys, passis and so on)
  • Had an argument whether or not we need a playpen for Meli and gates to prevent her from falling down the stairs
  • Went home and Nick went shopping for food
  • Made a wire ring - needed to make something - I think the idea was nice but my craftsmanship yesterday was just not there - it came out really crumply (please don't look too close at the picture) - the stone is a Chita and I used 18g brown wire from Beadalon
  • Made a turkey roast with peas and dumplings and watched some tv


  • Nick tried to repair the broken fosset in the kitchen
  • After taking everything apart, we realized that we had a connection problem (4 hoses coming from the fosset but only 3 coming out of the wall) = we bought the wrong fosset
  • Nick put the broken fosset back in as nothing is open on sundays in Germany (it is kind of wiggly, so I hope it will last for a few weeks til he is back from China)
  • Took Nick to the train station - he flying to Shanghai today, and will be back in a few weeks only - so me and baby will have a lot of time alone
  • Came home, cleaned the house, and folded laundry (the laundry alone took about 1.5 hours - baby clothes are really small)
  • Went for a walk with my friend - it was really nice and sunny but windy today
  • Now blogging
  • Will make left overs of the roast for dinner tonight after giving a bath to the baby

On April 14, Cindy from ABS will announce the ABS Carnival Blogger Posts - and my first one will be part of it. I am really excited, and I hope it will create a bit more traffic on my blog. That said I have realized I haven't really posted a lot about beads and jewelry. Because I am saving it for magazines that I would like to submit them to and because I have also not got to do a lot of things done - means a lot fo UFO (unfinished objects) sitting on my table. So that means the increase in traffic generated will probably fast be reduced again.

So I thought about having another giveaway right on time for Cindy's ABS post, means on April 13. Now that's in two days. Hum. Not a lot of time left for me to make something. But if I write it down here, it will come true, right? So stay tuned.

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