Happy Easterbunny!

Our Easter-bunnies were pretty happy this morning. They have been efficient overnight.

We colored eggs - I know kind of late, but better than never. Really messy by the way. I think I did not only color the eggs but also half of my kitchen.

Then we had a nice breakfast. I even brought out the new bunny cups.

After that we played the Greek tradition of breaking the red eggs. Red more about red Easter egg tradition here (Kokkina pasxina avga).

And obviously we could not skip the egg hunt. As our spring season in Germany is cold and grey, I decided to add some color into the picture, so it almost looks sunny outside. (Here is the recipe for the easy-to-install-spring in your garden, in case you don't have a lot of time: Buy a bunch of various colored flowers and set them out in your garden. - Yes I know it sounds lazy, but I will actually plant them later when it is not so cold anymore.) I need to admit, it looks really silly in the picture - but really cool in our garden.

And Meli found quite a few cool things that the Easterbunnies left for her.

So happy Easterbunny to all of you.

1 Response to "Happy Easterbunny!"

  1. Pearl and Pebble Says:

    OMG how sweet!!!!! And I love the little giraffe the Easter Bunny left her.