The theory of black holes

Ok. No bracelet to show today. I have worked on this (for me) super-complicated breacelt for two hours, almost broke my fingers of with those wire wrapped loops, trying to make them lay right. And even with seed beads (me + seed beads = incompatible).
And now that I am almost done, I find out I am missing one bead. I swear I counted them at the beginning and there were 12. Now I have 11 in the bracelet. One is missing. I took the entire room apart but I can't find that d... thing. I tried to do something different, but it took me so much time, so I want to do the layout I had in mind. The bad thing is I think I got those in this tiny bead store in the US. I will probably run to a bead store over here tomorrow and check if they have those. Very frustrating. I think I need to make something else to recover....
Do you believe in the theory of black holes? In that case it should appear again soon. Maybe in the fridge. Or on the dining table. Or by the bathtub. I just have no patience to wait for the universe to give me the 12th bead back.

3 Response to "The theory of black holes"

  1. Pretty Things Says:

    LOL! Hilarious post that I can totally relate to.

  2. Stefanie Says:

    Ich verstehe ja so gut, was Du meinst. Und sorry, dass ich mit dem Antworten bisher so faul war. Ich hatte ziemlich viel im Job um die Ohren. Nächste Woche auch noch, aber dann wird es hoffentlich besser und wir kriegen den Austausch hin:-) ??

    LG Stefanie

  3. Nicki Says:

    Kein Problem, ist bei mir ähnlich - ab Mitte Mai ist alles ruhiger. Ich schaff's ja nicht mal meinen blog zu schreiben. Lese deinen aber regelmässig. Schöne Kette.