Carneval - Altweiberfastnacht

So how would I translate Altweiberfastnacht? It would be something like "old-ladies-party-night". This is the day where we start carneval at 11:11 am. The females take over control. We cut off the ties of the guys (and give them a kiss in return) and we dress up and the entire city is going crazy. Outside parties everywhere, samba drum groups in the ice cold snow weather, and oh gosh, how much fun that is. So this year it is the first time with baby, so I skipped the "drinks outside in the cold" part and went to a party of a mummy friend instead. And we got dressed up - me as a flower and Meli as a bee. No real need to explain, I guess the picture explains it all. More to come - carneval lasts until Tuesday night.

1 Response to "Carneval - Altweiberfastnacht"

  1. Andrew Thornton Says:

    You guys are super cute together! Looks like lots of fun.