My addition to Giveawayland

A lot of people have hosted giveaways on their blogs recently, and if you believe it or not, I have participated (yes I am an addict). And this past week, I won my second giveaway - a $ 25 gift certificate from Artbeads - Lisa of Lucidmoonstudio was so kind to pick me randomly. Thanks a ton Lisa - I have already spend a lot of time in their online store to find out what could be a nice addition to my stash.

These little giveaways make us happy, don't they? So I thought this is my turn now to give something back. So with this post, I am hosting my first ever blog-giveaway. Two of you can win my creations from last sunday - a pair of "my precious three" earrings each.
The "China landscape" earrings with the chinese coins were a quick design idea, while I had the idea for the "blue pond" earrings for some longer time but could not figure out how to get them right. (oh and by the way this is the first time that I have tried chain maille - and it may be the last also - while it looks nice when it is finished, I felt like my fingers would break off).

Why did I call them "my precious three"? Well I have been thinking about things that we are happy about. Most people actually can come up with a very long list, like your family, health and your employnment. But I believe there are a few things that once in a while are precious to you and that we often don't think about mentionning. Like the frosting on top of the chocolate cake. The beautiful sunset on your last vacation. Or that bead giveaway that you just won. So each of those earrings has 3 beads in it, to remind me of those "precious three".

To enter my giveaway, you only have to leave a comment and tell me what your precious three things are today. And I will pick two random winners on sunday March 7. So hurry up, you have time to enter until next saturday.
And hold your precious three close to you.....

9 Response to "My addition to Giveawayland"

  1. moonlitfantaseas Says:

    number one would be my hubby/best friend, he supports me and my crazy bead habit, my daughter who since she has grown up, has become a great friend, and a happy collector of my efforts in jewelery making....last but not least my beads, because since I was layed off over a year ago, they have kept me sane, and centered when I would go crazy if I didn't have my beads for threapy

  2. Pretty Things Says:

    My precious three? My son (awwww), knowing I get to sleep late tomorrow, and knowing I get to work late tonight!

  3. Cindy Says:

    Thanks for a great give away! I like your "precious three" idea...and frosting on the cake sounds good to me! Today, some of the little things in life that make me happy are:
    1. It's Friday!
    2. My son's Boy Scouts banquet tonight
    3. Seeing friends tomorrow that I was best friends with in high school, living in Wiesbaden. :-)
    Thank you!!

  4. Almost Precious Says:

    Hm, so many to choose from. Though I could say Chocolate, Chocolate and more Chocolate, (can you tell I am a choco-holic?)I think I'll stick with the things that are kept very close to my heart; my hubby, my family and my friends...cliché perhaps, but I haven't had a chocolate hit in over 12 hours so I'm having a hard time being creative. =D

  5. Cathryn Says:

    My precious three? Gabby laying on my arm right now while I visit my favorite blogs would be one. The love and support of my husband and my son. And finally, Blogdom--it's a wonderful place and I have my place in it over there>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.

    Thanks Nicki! :D

  6. Lucid Moon Studio Says:

    Today, my precious three things are:
    1. Being able to run a race this morning and having a great time despite the cold and rain (being thankful I live in a place without snow is probably tied with this one!).
    2. Having a supportive husband who doesn't mind my running or bead habits.
    3. Going to dinner with friends and family tonight.

    Thanks for the fun giveaway, and I'm glad you finally got your gift certificate! Time to SHOP!!


  7. Shore Debris Says:

    Such a beautiful idea for your giveaway!
    My 3:
    1. the great husband who is content to let me be me on days I want to be everything...
    2. my great friends who know my husband has been traveling for work this month and came to get me to run errands with me (so I don't do too much talking to the dog only...)
    3. the great dog who loves to sleep at a pillow while I type and always acts like I'm the greatest thing in the world when I walk into the house (whether I'm gone 3 seconds or 3 hours)

  8. Anonymous Says:

    What a great idea for a your jewelry just three precious things..

    1. My beautiful Children..who by the way are three..but hopefully you wont mind me counting it as

    2. Life!!! Life!!! Life!!

    3. Sanity...

  9. Tracy Says:

    My Precious Three Everday:

    1) My God
    2) My Mom
    3) My BFF Since Childhood


    Enjoyed my visit here today, hope you'll come check out my little spot in the blog-a-sphere, Ascending Butterfly -