So why do people have to be nasty. Here is what happened. I have been unburying my very very very old sewing machine from the basement, because all the sudden I am caught by the idea to make a quilt for my sweet baby. And guess what happens - I have never been sewing with that thing. I have never been sewing period. Plus - obviously I have no user manual for that thing anymore. Anyways. I am all decided about doing this. So I go to the web to find a user manual - not possible - except on these "download the user manual after a personalized websearch from one of our search specialists (aka very expensive)"-websites. So I go to find a forum for sewing people. I had so good experiences with the beading people, so I decide I will try it, right? And believe it or not, there are 5 comments. 4 of them are complaining about the way I asked the question, the location where I posted it, and other stupid comments about why they are not going to help me. Here is my answer: you sewing people SUCK.
(In case I have offended any nice sewing people, sorry! I am not talking about you).

3 Response to "Nerds"

  1. Dawno Says:

    That's a real shame, Nicki. Try - there's a forum all about sewing machines:

    They're a nice group (in general, I've never visited the sewing area). Hope they help you!

  2. Nicki Says:

    thank you so much Dawno, and sorry for being too straight, but that's how we germans are.... ;-)

  3. Dawno Says:

    heck, you weren't "too straight" at all - tell it like you see it!