Since we are really burried in snow, I thought I do something nice for our bird friends. So yesterday I put some birdfood out in the snow and these two guys came by and ate it all - they didn't leave a grain for the smaller ones. But I got a picture in return. I think they are really pretty with their powdery grey and purple colors. They look nice in the snow. A theme for a necklace?

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  1. Kate Says:

    I can't believe I just came across this post. I just a few minutes ago finnished taking about 50 shots of a dove on my snowy railing as the sun rises over the remnants of the blizzard we got yesterday. I feed the birds everyday and also have a heated water birdbath for them but I've always loved the doves and have been wanting to incorporate them into some of my designs and beads soon! Mine are more buff colored, but aren't they all beautiful?

    Enjoy your day!