My new favorite addiction

... is making plastic components. I would have always loved to get a kiln and do ceramics, but have no real space for it, and polymer clay never really got me hooked (although I might try to do some more of it. Resin is really really cool, but very toxic and with a one year old not really the thing to do. So I started making these polymer pendants that I blogged about recently.
And I tried to incorporate different things and was surprised to find out that the possibilities are endless. Look at some of these that I made today.
I actually want to make a necklace with it later today, to give everybody a feel for how cool they would look in a piece of jewelry. I know "plastic" does not sound appealing to us jewelry people. But I think it is really cute.

A couple of flower pendants (above and below)


A heart pendant with a blue heart inside

A wave pendant

An eye pendant

And finally my favorite: a bird pendant.

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