What I did this week...

Work Work Work. For those of you who have not read all my stories: I am working 20 hours per week in an american company in Germany that produces automotive interior parts. My job is strategic planning and I was the head of this department for the entire company until September last year when I had my sweet baby Amelia who is almost 14 month old right now.

We are acquiring a company right now and my current main project is to head the integration activities with the new business. We have not got anti-trust approval right now, so we are not allowed to talk to anybody, so the exciting part is still in front of us, meeting new people, visiting new plants, defining strategy and motivating employees. With all this I have got help from McKinsey, a consultant company (for those of you who have nothing to do with it). They are usually pretty intense, which is the good and the bad part about it.Anyways, enough of this work thing. But I wanted to let you know that Nick is on paternity leave for 2 months right now and therefore I can be at the office more often. So I went over there Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

Tuesday afternoon, we went to a baby birthday party. Two kids from our playclass were doing there party together, and it was a lot of fun first. Until the "male host" got sick and threw up on the floor. First time we thought, ok, can happen, too much food. But when it happened the second time while he was sitting on mommy's arm, accidentally there was one of the guest babies sitting right under him. I spare you the details.The party was over right after that but before we had a lot of fun.

Wednesday we spent the afternoon in the baby store, and bought "staircase fences" - not sure how to call those otherwise. Nick always tells me nobody in the US has those. Here we are the very last ones to get them - cause everybody has those. Makes it safer for those small monsters when they want to climb up the stairs..... We also got a new car seat, a blanket and pillow in the next size, a high-chair in a wonderful purple color that fits perfectly in our house, and a small potty (too much detail?)

I also wanted to go to work Friday, since my colleague was standing in my office crying on Thursday, since she does not know how to cope with all the workload anymore, and I wanted to go and help her. But when I came home on Thursday, Baby had 40 degree C / 104 degree F fever. So we went to the doctor on friday instead me goign to work. Obviously the very high fever that we had right before I strapped her into the car seat was fading by the minute when we were waiting for an hour in the doctors office. Conclusion: she is getting 4 teeth at the same time and has got a sore throat. Yesterday all was ok, but today she had a very high fever again, so no  going outside for us. Luckily Germany is still in the "autumn vacation" so our play classes have not started again - next week though.

Oh and then I decided it was time for a change, so I uploaded a new design to my blog (I actually chose it more or less by accident, I was thinking I was looking at the preview but I actually published it). After some struggle with font size, I think I am getting closer to how I want it to look. I need some serious HMTL programming skills I feel though....
Today was a kind of lazy day, since Meli still had a fever we did not go swimming like we usually do on saturday morning. Instead I made some pendants (check out my previous post for details and more fun pendants). But in a summary I had FUN. I did not get to making the necklace yet, but I cooked a yummy curry with chicken, peas, onions and tomatoes. And tomorrow, I will go to the flea market (it is like a mom-to-mom sale for kids cloths, organized by the church). So if I find something nice, I will give you an update tomorrow.
In the meantime I keep waiting for the noisy plume to update her etsy store since I WANT one of her lichen necklaces. UPDATE: I got one..... :)

Oh and have I told you that I love that "Down in the past" song from Mando Diao?

3 Response to "What I did this week..."

  1. Anonymous Says:

    It looks better now, no? The fonts are clearer too.

  2. Lori Says:

    Good golly, you've been a busy girl! I'm quite impressed. Sounds exciting with the whole work thing.

  3. My Life Under the Bus Says:

    Staircase fences = Baby gates or childproof gates in the US ....and yes we have em! Nothing worse then a puking party! Hope everyone is feeling better!