Weekend and the circle of friends

Thanks ladies for your comments - my PIL left this morning. Nick took them to the airport and I will let my baby sleep in before we get up in a half hour and go to the swim class.

But I mentionned that I have something else to shop to you - my "circle of friends" necklace that I created while down in South of France. I wire wrapped tons of little light blue wax beads. The pendant is made of some coral sticks on 18g silver wire. That was too delicate so I added the wire wrapped circles, and they make the entire piece a bit more dramatic I think.

I finally listed some of my polymer pendants for a welcome price in my etsy shop. Be my friend and grab one. Concerning shippping - they are really small, and I will probably reimbourse you, so don't get scared by shipping cost.

Stefanie has a new fanpage on facebook. Her latest necklace is "der Hammer" how we say in German. She submitted it for the ABS challenge too, and it is also available in her etsy store.

This afternoon we continue the "family week" with the B-day party of my nephew. And then I will say TGIS (sunday) because my family is intense. And probably pull out the Heidi cup another time.

5 Response to "Weekend and the circle of friends"

  1. steufel Says:

    Danke Dir! Und ich hoffe, wir sehen uns bald, nachdem bei Euch wieder familiäre Ruhe eingekehrt ist:-)

  2. steufel Says:

    P.S. Die Fotos der Anhänger sind klasse geworden.

  3. rosebud101 Says:

    Beautiful, Nikki!

  4. Cindy Says:

    Your new piece really incorporates the techniques that you love. I really like those wire links in the center of the necklace!
    I saw Stefanie's new Fan Page...great idea.

  5. Rebecca Says:

    What a lovely necklave Nicki - I bey it hangs really nicely when worn. Hope you are having fun with your polymer elements!