Some free time made me creative

Nick took the sick baby out for a walk, so I got beading time (we had planned for it since last sunday - obviously we need to work either on our planning or on our execution skills).
I was not in a very creative mode though, so either I get stuck or I move right into the brainless beading work (such as wire wrapping seed beads into chain).

Today I made a simple necklace with one of Kelley's eggs and some lampwork headpins I ordered some time ago from Mallory's "for Jenny" etsy shop section. In her Rosebud / for the love of beads etsy shop she has some cute lampwork pieces and all the money from the purchases in the "for Jenny" section go to her daughter who suffers from cancer. Go buy something over there, such as these lovely glass head pins.

When she sent them to me, they were tied together with a ribbon, and I directly thought - oh, they should stay together, they look almost like a bouquet. So this simple design came to me naturally and I love love love it.

I had some more difficult (design wise) pieces in mind, but since I wasn't in the mood, I went and started wrapping wire into a bracelet. I used different gauges of copper wire and did this freeform cuff. I included some African "Fair Trade" recycled glass beads that I purchased recently in "the market of the nations". I used some of the teal ones I got and I have them in a few different colors. I want to try them out with silver, because I think they will be even more lucious.

Like them?

4 Response to "Some free time made me creative"

  1. Copper Diem Says:

    I LOVE that one with the headpins. That is such a clever way to use them!

  2. rosebud101 Says:

    Wow! Nikki! I love what you did with the headpins! Do you mind if I show your pendant on my blog? Thanks!

  3. Rebecca Says:

    I love what you have done here - such an original idea with the cute headpins, I love it! And that red egg is a stunner :-)

  4. steufel Says:

    Die Pins sind klasse, jetzt m├╝ssen wir doch mal gemeinsam den Brenner anschmei├čen:-)