The secret of the Heidi cup

This is the Heidi cup. But there is a secret that comes with it tonight.

Look at this tasty liquid inside of Heidi. It is not coffee. Nor tea. Do you see the wonderful purple color? Yes, it is some good old red wine.

The reason for this Heidi secret: my greek parents-in-law are here for the rest of the week. They are nice, but they basically sit on the sofa and watch us, and conversations are limited (yiayia = grandma is not hearing well), and if they occur, they mainly turn around when the next baby is planned, or when we get married or other fun things like this.

So tonight, it seemed like noone was wondering why my Heidi coffee cup was stuck in my hand for the entire hour before dinner. Well I needed my aperitiv drink tonight.

More jewelry later today, even though I will probably not get around to making something, I still have some things to show from our vacation.

I hope you have a sunny day filled with lots of joy.

5 Response to "The secret of the Heidi cup"

  1. Copper Diem Says:

    My sister & I visited my mom & spent the first hour sneaking, I mean drinking, wine out of kid's plastic cups. You are so my people :) Go Heidi Cup Go! LOL

  2. steufel Says:

    Oje:-) Fühl Dich gedrückt

  3. rosebud101 Says:

    I love your Heidi cup. I think I'll find one for me!

  4. Rebecca Says:

    Tee-hee Nicki, I think I will have to try this one next time I am teaching a particularly tone-deaf child at home!! Brilliant!

  5. Cindy Says:

    Your Heidi cup is fantastic! I can totally see why you brought it out and filled it up!