A Woman's Gift

Yay, I finally broke the block and listed something on Etsy again. This is my new bracelet. You can get it by clicking HERE.

I still did not get the components listed, since I need to do some more sanding before they can find a new home and this does not work quite well when PIL are around.

Today is Papou's (=Grandfather in Greek) birthday, and I made a chocolate cake that he will hopefully enjoy. My mother will come over and I hope I will not get too stressed out - there is a risk, as I need strong nerves for 3 people talking to each other very very loud (missing knowledge of each others language is usually compensates by increased loudness) and translating at the same time.

And tomorrow they already leave for Detroit where they will spend two weeks with the Brothers & SIL's before they get home to Fort Myers Beach. I need some sun.

2 Response to "A Woman's Gift"

  1. Rebecca Says:

    Very pretty nicki! I love copper, especially when it's oxidised. Did you have to reach for the Heidi mug again?!

  2. rosebud101 Says:

    Love the bracelet, Nikki! Hang in there! It's almost over!