3 beautiful things

I have recently discovered Clare's Three Beautiful Things blog. Every day she captures some good things that have happened to her in this blog. And she encourages people to do the same.

I think it is a nice idea, and I have been wanting to try it, but I am not sure if I have really something meaningful to say. Or if I basically want to talk about my baby and my beads every day. I am still convinced I won't write about those every day, but maybe from time to time. I just like the idea to much. So here are 3 beautiful things I experienced this weekend.

1. The baby swim class on Saturday morning, and Meli's first attempts at "diving".

2. The BBQ with Stefanie and Matthias yesterday night (really night - I think they left after 2 pm) - which felt like party time pre-baby.

3. The entire day today: The hot air balloon festival in Cologne today. The large ballons we saw, the small balloon we bought for Meli and her excitement about it, the ball we won in the lottery (she did got at choosing the tickets), the time we spent in the kids area playing. Followed by another left-over BBQ with Kathrin and Josefina, the Champagne with raspberries we drank, playing with the babies on the floor.

Overall it was a nice weekend. Hope you did too. And hope the week will be the same.

2 Response to "3 beautiful things"

  1. steufel Says:

    War ein toller Abend mit Euch dreien - und die Rippchen schmecke ich immer noch auf der Zunge. Yummie!!!!

  2. Rebecca Says:

    I love the idea of looking for things, big and small, which have made your day beautiful. It's a lovely thought. I'm glad you've had such fun things to do this weekend.