Increase-your-bead-stock-week - Day 4

Let me introduce you to IndyJules. She makes fantastic lampwork beads. And I did promise you more hollows, didn't I?
So here is what we got for today:

Those cute black and white polka dot beads were a gift :)

Some copper green organic etched spacers
Hollow beads in Ink Blue and Amethyst

And this is my favorite: A DIY fillable globe pendant with a sterling silver cap (I am so in love with that one....

So if you want, leave me suggestions what I can put in the globe pendant....

Thanks and stay tuned for more beads coming tomorrow.

1 Response to "Increase-your-bead-stock-week - Day 4"

  1. steufel Says:

    O la la, da hast Du ja wirklich zugelangt. Alles wirklich wunderbare Sachen, die ich in natura sehen MUSS!