Marcie made me seed bead

I have been saying a million times that I am not a seed beader. These beads are too tiny for me, and the designs are usually too ornamental for me (is that a word?), and it just takes way too long to make something.

I have piles and piles of seed beads in my stash though. Because they are pretty. And when I discovered Marcie Abney's Bella Joya blog through the bead soup, it became more and more obvious that I would have to try it one day.

I bought a tutorial from her the other day and yesterday night (with 150 baby interruptions) I made my version of her carnival pendant. And I am really amazed that I could get it done and that it looks the way it looks.

Dear seed beader readers, please don't look too close at the picture. I know there are spaces, I know thread is showing, and if Marcie looks at this, she will probably start shaking her head - because I added beads in spots they were not supposed to be and I took some beads off because they did not fit in here. This taught me the lesson about how important it is to stick to the indicated size of the beads. But given the fact I live in Germany and seed beads are not that easy to get here, I am impressed that I found something that was more or less color corrdinated and about the right size of beads (forgive me Marcie, but when we buy seed beads here in a store, we do not get the indications of the American sizes).

Anyways. I know it is more of a trial and error type of piece. But I think I got hooked a bit and even though it is far from perfect - it is great for me. It is my first seed bead project ever, ok aside from a simple peyote band ring I made once. I really like it. And if I can do it, everybody can do it (and probably better). So rush to Marcie's Etsy store and buy a carnival pendant tutorial. And if you do not like this one, she has a couple of others in her shop as well. I actually also have the persian rugs bracelet one, so maybe this will be next. Thanks for stopping by and thanks, Marcie, to make me seed bead.

8 Response to "Marcie made me seed bead"

  1. Rebecca Says:

    Brilliant! I think you've done a fantastic job here, regardless of whether it is your first try or not. Yay! So glad you've given seed beading a go!

  2. bellajoya Says:

    Great job Nicki! I'm utterly amazed that this is your first try! Think about it...I've been beading for 3 years...and I just created the Carnaval Pendant a couple of months ago and here you are a brand new beader doing something that it took me 3 years to get the skills to do! AMAZING!!! I'm so glad you like it, oh, and just to help me out a little...were the directions clear? Were you able to follow it without problems? I would love to hear your feedback on my pattern format! Thanks for the love, chica and I'm looking forward to seeing your future ventures into the world of seed beads (Danger, Will Robinson, it's highly addictive.)

  3. Lori Says:

    Nicki this is gorgeous! Bravo girl. I think you've discovered a talent that was just lurking beneath the surface. :)

  4. Barbara Lewis Says:

    Nicki, This is awesomely beautiful and pretty amazing that you could improvise and come up with something like this. I truly cannot see where things should have been different!

  5. steufel Says:

    Na, und Du sagst, Du wärst kein Seed-Beader! Ist doch klasse geworden.

  6. Cindy Says:

    Your first seed bead project??! I am amazed! I am stunned! You have truly found your niche, I'd say!!! :-) Your pendant is just gorgeous. I would be SO proud to create something so complex! I just happened to buy one of Marcie's pendants the other day myself...I really love her work.

  7. Nicki Says:

    Ladies, I need to say you are all super kind, but that pendant is really Marcie's design and all I did was put the color the image that she has drawn. That is so easy to do. I would never be able to create something from scratch like she did. Well who knows. mabe come back to my blog in 10 years. Thanks for all your wonderful comments. And please try Marcie's tutorials. They are easy and you will end up with something like this.

  8. Pretty Things Says:

    Her work is amazing! I have a ring by her now!