Josefina's Birthday

One year ago, it was a Thursday night, and Nick and I went to our Birth Preparatory Class. we had just known the other couples for a few weeks, and most of the ladies were further along in their pregnancy than me.

But that night, one of the couples was missing. She still had about 5 weeks to go, and we had coffee and cake over at her place the day before and she was 100% sure she wanted to join the class that day. So imagine how nervous we got.

And that night, when the class (which was held at the hospital) was over, he proud daddy came and told us that Frida Josefina was born. She turned into Meli's best friend (so far :) ).

It was a really special day, that August 6th, 2009, and Josefina is a special girl, so we got her a special gift for her first birthday. I will still go get a toy for her later, but for now I got her a Pandora bracelet (still far too big obviously) and her first bead. It could not be any kind of bead, but it had to be special too. So I asked the wonderful lampworker Marieke (one of the bead soup party friends) to make one for her - this ladybug bead. Josefina loves ladybugs. And I hope this will be special to her. And whenever there is an important event in her life, she can add another bead to her bracelet.

We will celebrate her birthday today and go visit a little animal park, have cake and cookies, and go to play in the playground. An oasis in all that stuff going on.

5 Response to "Josefina's Birthday"

  1. kelleysbeads Says:

    Happy first birthday Josefina! I know you are having an excellent day because your momma loves you soooo much!

  2. steufel Says:

    Oh, die ist niedlich. Und was für eine tolle Idee mit dem Armband. Immer schön für Nachschub bei den Perlenverrückten sorgen:-).Klasse!

  3. Artist Says:

    Happy birthday.

  4. Copper Diem Says:

    I have a little goodie for you on my blog

  5. Cindy Says:

    Aw, so sweet. You know, I think that is wonderful how you met and that you still keep in touch a year later. When my oldest was a baby, I had a great group of Mom-friends that had babies the same age. Sadly through the years we have pretty much lost touch (he's now 9). She will always treasure this special bracelet you are starting for her!