Increase-your-bead-stock-week - Day 3

Today you will start to drool over some wonderful beads I got from Mermaid Glass. I have got some from her Etsy store before, and it is always worth to go back after a while because she keeps coming up with new wonderful stuff. You see some wonderful "fairy skirts in red and blue". Some sea foam beads, these pretty black and white ones, the transparent flat ones with the blue core, and oh oh oh these dark green hollows. I ADORE hollows. There will be more of them coming on one of the next days of "increase-your-bead-stock-week". So stay tuned.

4 Response to "Increase-your-bead-stock-week - Day 3"

  1. Copper Diem Says:

    Very pretty! I love hollows too!

  2. Alesha Says:

    wowzers!!! so pretty!

    and there's going to be more? I can't wait! ;)

    Alesha (wiping the drool from my chin) :):):)

  3. Tara P. Says:

    I recently made a purchase from Mermaid Glass too - I can't stop fondling my beads! I got the purple/blue fairy skirts too - just waiting for them to speak to me and tell me where they want to be.

  4. Pretty Things Says:

    Beadstock -- I love it!

    I love Mermaid Glass, I've bought several times from her!