I have decided to take a day off from my real job this morning and instead spend it on my preferred job :) - beading.

Tomorrow is the day when my next ABS carnival blogger post is due, and I have decided to use that occasion and actually load something up to my Etsy shop. Nicki's Reef has been live on Etsy for some time as I also use it for my purchases, but all the policies and stuff have kept me away from really starting it up. Now I am thinking what the heck, it's time to keep moving.

So here are the results of today's beading time:

(green oval glass beads and wood wire wrapped on copper, sari ribbon, handmade clasp)

Shanghai memories
(chinese lacquered paper bead, sari ribbon on copper wire, chain, handmade clasp)

Sun in the woods
(triangle wood beads, plastic sun bead, lampwork bead from Kelley's Beads, yellow glass bead, wire wrapped on copper, handmade clasp)

So do you think somebody will actually buy those?
I will upload them later today to my store, once I have sorted all these policies out :).
Thanks for looking.

7 Response to "Productivity"

  1. John Dearden Says:

    I know someone would buy your jewelry. The only issue I see is just getting people to your Etsy site.

    I find that is a challenge myself. The more you get your name out there (other blogs, facebook, twitter,etc......) the more people who will go to your site.

    It is great that you decided to start selling on etsy. It is not as bad as it seems :)

    You may also want to include your stores website address somewhere on your blog or profile to make it easy to get there (just as a suggestion).

  2. Copper Diem Says:

    I'm home today too! How funny! I think beading will need to be part of my recovery :)

    Love the new pieces!

    Feel free to swipe, borrow, whatever from my policies pages. I know its a pain to write those up.


  3. Copper Diem Says:

    p.s. I agree with John about putting something on your blog - esty has a super easy widget you can add that shows your stuff. let me know if you need help

  4. John Dearden Says:

    I agree. I put the widget on mine and if you click on it, it takes you to the etsy site.

    I went to other jewelers etsy pages and checked out their policy page and may have copied 1 or 2 (or more) policies as well.

  5. Shore Debris Says:

    Everything you've made is just beautiful! I'm just now getting home from work and quite jealous you got to spend all day creating :)

    P.S. The nice thing about etsy is that you can always tweak your policies as you go along (if you decide something you set up isn't working for you). And the others are right about getting the link on your blog.

    Best of luck!

  6. Rebecca Says:

    All gorgeous Nicki but my favourite is the green one at the tope - I LOVE it! Where do you get your sari silk? I just ordered a bunch off Missficklemedia but can't find much else for some reason. Fingers crossed fro your Etsy adventure!

  7. Cindy Says:

    How exciting...planning your Etsy shop!!! It will open a whole new world for you. You have been busy! Just look at all of these pretty new pieces! I love that copper wire work!!