A few beads

Some of the beads from my shopping therapy arrived yesterday, and oh they are so cute.

Bronze horse pendant - this is really heavy and must feel really cool when worn on a long necklace

Sun beads (plastics I think but they are really cute)

Faceted resin rondelles (really rough and that's what I like about them - but hard to photgraph)

And ceramic beads - also very earthy in color and feel

I got all of those at Yuki designs - check out the shop here.

6 Response to "A few beads"

  1. Malin de Koning Says:

    Oh what nice beads there! The horse is gorgeaus! The sunflower/dandelion ones I also have a bunch of. In different colours. I really looooove them. Where did you get yours? You have so many.

  2. Malin de Koning Says:

    Oh now I saw Yuki designs. Love her shop. I have done a few shopping rounds there before. Not the sun ones though. Bought them from Pengwynne. Oh, now you have had me starting, might need a good Yuki session again soon. All my best. Shopping is good therapy. Hope you feel better now. Take care!

  3. Lori Says:

    Beautiful. I'm loving the rough resin beads. Will you be combining all of these? It would look great as a long necklace.

  4. Barbara Bechtel Says:

    Love all those, especially the rough rondelles and the bronze horse!

  5. steufel Says:

    Hui, schön! Mir haben es besonders die Keramik-Perlen angetan!

  6. Cindy Says:

    Oh how exciting to receive these in the mail! Can't wait to see what you make with your new goodies.