Three beautiful things

Inspired by Clare's blog, here are my three beautiful things from yesterday and today:

1) We finally got the gate in my mom's garden finished (ok, it needs more brackets, paint, another lock and some wood here and there, but it is nearly done) - Picture shows Nick and my mom and my baby (sleeping in stroller / under rain cover) adjusting the last screws on the gate we built over the past weekends.
2) My girl is practicing to stand on one leg now - lifting the second one up in the back like a ballerina - it is so funny I need to take a picture for you guys.

3) As opposed to everybody else, I have been waiting so badly for the end of the vacation, because yeah, today our playclasses start again. So much more fun to do it with other babies and mommies that alone at home by yourselves.

4) Ok, I am breaking the rules. Stefanie is the ABS designer of the week. I love her stuff and I am really happy for her.

2 Response to "Three beautiful things"

  1. rosebud101 Says:

    Isn't it amazing how many things we have to be grateful for each day and each week? I love the way this blog reminds me of that!

  2. steufel Says:

    Danke:-) !!!!