About being slow

We are on vacation in the Netherlands and today is our last day. We went with a group of 15 other friends (old and new ones) to a tiny resort (if you can call it resort) by the sea. We have a cute little house with a garden.
We had really nice weather the other days, but today it is really rainy, and the baby seems to be a little sick. Originally we wanted to go swimming to a nearby subtropical swimming paradise, but it seems like my ear infection is coming back and with her being not so good, I am not sure if we will do that. The other guys all left today, except one couple that we will meet for dinner. So it looks like we might go for a small walk later in a closeby village called Zierikzee. And that I get a chance to do some beading, since I did not go to the Creative Summer Fair with Stefanie in Cologne today. I am really missing that, but a) I really have enough beads and b) it would be stupid to drive back one day earlier. Stefanie called me yesterday and said she is really enjoying it though. She will maybe bring some wood beads back for me (= so I will have more wood beads in my collection). I used some the other day, when I made that little bracelet you see in the picture. Funny enough, when I was sitting on the beach with my pliers, and most of the other guys were playing beach volleyball, one of the girls came over to me and said she has done a metalsmithing course in Cologne and she is making jewelry. Stefanie and I talked about taking that class maybe in July or August. She wore a gorgeous pendant that she made, so maybe I will come up with something cool too.

When I sat on the beach there, I was working on my beads soup. It is a real challenge to me, since Rebecca was super kind and sent me so many beads that I have several designs in mind and cannot decide on one. But there is not a lot of time left, so I'll better hurry up. Maybe I will meet with Stefanie and we try to figure it out together.....

4 Response to "About being slow"

  1. maryharding Says:

    Beautiful spot. Hope you and the baby feel better soon. How cool that you and Stephanie know each other and can talk "BeadSoup."

  2. eve Says:

    That beach looks like heaven, hope you had a fab time,

  3. Nicki Says:

    Thanks Eve and Mary for your friendly comments. We really enjoyed the time. Today is departure day, so all is kind of sad. I guess I need more vacation.

  4. Rebecca Says:

    Hope you have had a lovely holiday! Looks gorgeous. And I love the wooden beads! I'm never sure about using them myself but you have really made them work.