Make a wish at Kella's Creative Wishes

Kella is one of the ladies playing along in Lori Anderson's Bead Soup Party. She asked for feedback on her jewelry, so I really went there for the first time, and fell directly in love with two tiny books that she made. They can be used as pendants.

I received her package yesterday, and I need to say this was the nicest, most wonderful package I ever received. Packaging is adding just a little something to the actual piece, but Kella really went over the top. First I was super curious when I found the envelope in the mailbox....

Then I opened it - and found this. She handstamped the paper, the ribbons are matching the stamped tree and butterfly, the tags are handwritten, and even the business cards are handmade.

Obviously when I opened the little treasureboxes (she should actually go into mass production because these alone would be worth the money), I could not believe how cute these books are in person.

As if this would have not been enough, she added a little gift and put some heart tags in the package as well, made out of this beautiful thick paper. The card reads - thanks for making a wish at Kella's Creative Wishes. That girl really loves what she does, and I think you should all (I mean all!) hop over to her site and show her some love, leave a comment and make a wish (in her store).

Thank you Kella, this truely made my day. I hope I can meet you one day in the UK, and experience that love for your work in person.

4 Response to "Make a wish at Kella's Creative Wishes"

  1. steufel Says:

    Wie lieb von ihr!

  2. Pretty Things Says:

    How awesome! And I love the packaging, too!

  3. Kella Says:

    Oh! Nicki, I am so pleased that they arrived safely and that you are pleased with your purchase. Thank you to for the beautiful blog post about the whole experience, reading it made my day end on a great note :)

  4. Kella Says:

    PS, maybe we will meet one day, be sure to let me know if you are coming to the UK.