Denise is having a MONSTER giveaway

Denise Yezbak-Moore is giving away 7.5 pounds of beads worth over 350 USD. I am speechless. Visit her blog and go play to get some (!) beads.
I might not be able to play out of Germany, but I want to let you guys know about the giveaway for sure, so you don't miss it. Good luck everybody.

2 Response to "Denise is having a MONSTER giveaway"

  1. Denise Yezbak Moore Says:

    Hi Nicki -
    Yes I will enter you. If you win - just send me your sister in laws address. Good Luck and thanks for posting.


  2. Cathryn Says:

    Hey Nicki--I'm with you. I've told so many people about this giveaway--I think I just lessened any chance of winning!