Psychosomatic bugs and other animals

I had psychosomatic bugs today. I always have them running all over me when I come back from a walk in the fields or forest. Obviously they don't exist, but I can't sit down before taking a shower. I love the walks outside, but they mainly end with Nick saying "go take off your psychosomatic bugs".....

Before the bugs arrive, we took Knoedel, our grey bunny to the vet, since she pulled out a nail yesterday and can't really walk. The doctor said it is not inflamed but the joint is swollen a bit, so she has to take pain killers for 10 days (sometimes I feel I need painkillers too - just kidding). Caspi (black bunny) joined us, because the vet is kind of far away (bunny specialist that we always go to) and so we got them both vaccinated as well. Needless to say we have two very angry ladies hopping around hiding behind the curtain.

One of the other mommies I hang out with called me today and told me that she is missing her cat since Monday. So we thought we go for a walk in our area to see if we would find that cat (hence the walk in the fields and the psychosomatic bugs). Let's hope that Bruno will find his way home soon. His friend Anno is missing him very much.

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