To add or not to add...

This is my last post from the Netherlands where we spent our little vacation. Everybody left today, so it was kind of a sad day. Since I have been a kid, I always hated departure days after a school trip or a vacation. We spent the afternoon in the "subtropical swimming paradise" with the baby, which was not so subtropical and not so paradise, but it was fun for the baby. It cleared up afterwards, so we went for a walk later by the beach, and although it was really windy, it was nice.

Earlier in the day I made this bracelet. I love to make jewelry when I am on vacation, so the pieces will always remind me of the nice days spent. I am trying to make bigger things, so while this might still be really small to some of you, for me it is already quite big. And I love it. The question is just if I need to add a little charm on the chain. I am going back and forth with it. Any thought?

4 Response to "To add or not to add..."

  1. Rebecca Says:

    Pretty, pretty, pretty! I really like this piece. I like the chain just as it is - it looks like it has a really good weight. Although I'm sure if you added a charm it would also look lovely, I don't think it needs it. Those are my little thoughts!

  2. Cathryn Says:

    Nicki! That's beautiful. I wouldn't add a charm, because knowing my luck I'd catch it on something and rip the whole thing apart!

  3. Cindy Says:

    Hello Nicki
    I understand that sad feeling when something you have been looking forward to is over...
    by now you must be getting settled back in your normal routine.
    I agree it's great to have a piece of jewelry to remind you of a special trip! I think adding a charm could be really nice on your could always remove it if it doesn't look right.

  4. Anonymous Says:

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